“Freedom of expression is strongly threatened in social networks”

The president of the ” Agir ” movement has not remained insensitive to the threats to freedom of expression in social networks. According to Thierno Bocoum, “freedom of expression is strongly threatened in social networks. When in our country, more and more, commentators are forced to flatten themselves so as not to suffer insults and threats, journalists no longer dare to do their job properly, whistleblowers are confined to subjects and arguments under penalty of being treated as corrupt, opinion leaders stagger on the sets for fear of revealing their own convictions, ”notes the former deputy.

And to add: “And when, above all, those abdicate because left to themselves without protection and even fearing for their own life, there is something to alert. Insulting, slandering, threatening is no longer the domain of freedom of expression but rather of the criminal domain. Flattening out, riding the wave, resigning yourself is no longer a matter of choice, but of constraint. The victims of social networks number in the thousands in our country and they are no less affected than those in real life confronted with their neighborhood and their social environment ”.

According to the leader of the act movement, freedom does not mean debauchery. “Those who do not have the resilience capacity that allows them to multiply virtual attacks by zero and to remain glued to their respective roles must be protected. Human dignity is sacred. Its respect and protection is a legal obligation. Article 7 of the Senegalese Constitution provides: “The human person is sacred. It is inviolable. The State has the obligation to respect and protect it ”.

“We do not necessarily always agree with each other’s opinions, but we must fight so that they can have their own opinion and those who respond to them, in strict respect of freedom of expression and human dignity, ”concludes Thierno Bocoum.


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