“She’s scary”: French columnist’s words about singer Hoshi spark an uproar

“She’s scary”: French columnist’s words about singer Hoshi spark an uproar
“She’s scary”: French columnist’s words about singer Hoshi spark an uproar

The remarks made by Fabien Lecoeuvre this Wednesday shocked more than one.
Guest on the Parisian webradio Arts-Mada, the columnist and author of numerous books on French music addressed the physique of performers. According to him, the singers of today are not “beautiful enough”: ” When are we going to come out with handsome guys, or gorgeous girls?“, he asked himself.

To illustrate his point, Fabien Lecoeuvre then attacked the young singer Hoshi, revealed in 2018 for her title “Ta marinière”. ” Look at Hoshi, for example, who has an indisputable talent (…). You put a Hoshi poster in your room, do you? Finally, she’s scary“, he launched. And to continue by advising the interpreter to” give “his songs to” sublime “girls.

“So serious”

His statements quickly made the Internet users and the French music scene react. On Twitter, the main interested party strongly condemned the comments that the columnist made about her: “So serious to say this kind of thing“. She then questioned her community, with a touch of irony:”Do we offer him a poster or a mirror? I hesitate“.

Many personalities have shown their support for the young singer. “It says a lot about what has to go on behind the scenes even today in the music industry “, said journalist Hugo Clément on his Instagram page, sending at the same time “all his strength and support” to this “talented” artist.

Other singers, such as Coeur de Pirate and Angèle, also supported their colleague.

An apology message that goes wrong

Faced with the extent of the controversy, Fabien Lecoeuvre wanted to apologize publicly to Hoshi … without necessarily finding the right words. “A thousand apologies for these awkward words taken out of context and which may have hurt you. I was simply relating a difference from the time when record companies and audiences paid much more attention to the physicality of artists than today.i, “he tweeted.

An apology which, according to some, only made the columnist sink. And which clearly did not convince Hoshi. “But is it actually a joke? You are still talking about my looks. Mind-blowing. It’s because of people like you that young people give up their dreams, not because of the record companiesshe replied scathingly.

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