seven out of ten French people ready to be vaccinated, but not with AstraZeneca, according to our survey

seven out of ten French people ready to be vaccinated, but not with AstraZeneca, according to our survey
seven out of ten French people ready to be vaccinated, but not with AstraZeneca, according to our survey
More and more French people say they are ready to be vaccinated against Covid-19. According to a survey * Odoxa-Backbone Consulting for franceinfo and Le Figaro, published Thursday, April 8, 70% of people questioned are in favor of vaccination. This is almost 30 points more than four months ago.

In December 2020, 42% of French people approved the vaccination, they were 56% in January and 61% in February. AT Note that among the people questioned, 19% have already received at least one dose, 30% have not yet had it, but intend to use it. One in five (21%) likely will. They are only 14% to be frankly opposed and are sure not to be vaccinated.

But if the French are mostly in favor of vaccination, it is not with just any vaccine. There is massive mistrust against the AstraZeneca vaccine after the cases of thrombosis identified in France. 71% of those polled do not want the Swedish-British vaccine. But adherence to other available vaccines is not complete. The Janssen, of the American Johnson & Johnson, inspires confidence in 59% of the French. The other American, Moderna, convinces two out of three French people (65%). As for the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, the first to be authorized in France, it won the confidence of 70% of those questioned. A quarter of French people (24%) do not trust any of the four currently authorized vaccines.

Beyond the vaccination, the French are quite enthusiastic about the arrival of the self-tests. 57% are convinced that their generalization will be useful in the fight against the epidemic. Six in ten people (62%) even plan to use them if they need to be tested. And 61% think these tests should be available in supermarkets. And if the French judge, at 58%, that these self-tests are not as reliable as the antigenic tests, they are seven in ten (72%) to request their reimbursement by Social Security.

On the occasion of this survey, two-thirds of those questioned (64%) also affirmed that they did not believe in Emmanuel Macron’s promise to provide a vaccine to all French people who so wish by the end of the summer. . Apart from LREM supporters, who believe at 68% that the vaccination schedule posted by the head of state and the government will be kept, skepticism is in the majority. 63% of LRs, 62% of EELV relatives and 64% of socialist sympathizers do not think that Emmanuel Macron will be able to keep his promise. Seven out of ten rebels (71%) and 78% of those close to the RN do not believe it either. According to this survey, more than six in ten French people (63%) admit not having confidence in the government’s vaccine policy in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The action of the executive in terms of vaccination is generally poorly judged by the French, even if confidence has increased a little for two months. In February, 31% of French people had confidence in the action of the government. They are 36% today. Thes two thirds of those questioned consider the implemented policy ineffective (67%) and inconsistent (68%). Seven out of ten French people (70%) do not find it clear. And three-quarters (77%) believe it is not being conducted at a good pace. Despite everything, for two months, the government has gained five points on the effectiveness of its vaccination policy and on the general confidence of the French.

* This Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for franceinfo and Le Figaro was carried out online on April 7 and 8, 2021, on a sample of 1,004 French people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

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