Racist slurs against Asian woman: police pinpoint suspect

Racist slurs against Asian woman: police pinpoint suspect
Racist slurs against Asian woman: police pinpoint suspect

The individual who allegedly harassed, threatened and insulted a woman of Asian origin completely free of charge at the end of March in the Montreal metro was arrested by police, authorities confirmed Thursday.

The victim in this case – treated as a hate crime by the police – had filmed the scene with her cell phone on March 27.

The video, first broadcast on the TikTok platform, then relayed on Twitter by Montreal entrepreneur Winston Chan, sparked a lot of reactions on social networks.

“You’re an Asian cr ***, huh?” Do you know that there is a war against Asian e ***? China and Japan, it’s over. We are going to fight against you Chinese assholes. F * ck chinese democracy and f * ck Japan too. F * ck you ”, launches in particular the masked man to his victim.

In the 54-second video, the agitated suspect can also be seen giving a Nazi salute with his right arm stretched forward. At another point, he mimics a pistol with his hand and pretends to shoot at the 29-year-old.

After making his racist remarks without anyone intervening, the individual left the metro car at Place Saint-Henri station.

The Société de transport de Montréal had described the incident as “deplorable and unacceptable”.

Informed of the event, the Montreal police met the victim and were able to quickly identify and pin down the suspect.

The 44-year-old man, known to police circles, was locked up last Saturday. He appeared the next day on charges of death threats and criminal harassment. He will remain in detention until his return to court next Tuesday, for further legal proceedings.

The police wished to remind people who would be victims of a hate crime to immediately dial 911.

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