According to the Canadian Medical Association | Changing rules have created ‘confusion’ and ‘looseness’

(Winnipeg) As Quebec changes from pale red to dark red and Ontario brings back the stay-at-home order, the Canadian Medical Association says the changing rules have contributed to confusion and some looseness among the citizens.

Posted on April 8, 2021 at 12:16 p.m.

The Canadian Press

The association emphasizes that “Canadians have to deal with constantly changing rules and measures, which create confusion and frustration.”

CMA President Dr. Ann Collins argues that when new variants are present, it is more important to take “a new coordinated approach” to “take back control.”

The CMA therefore recommends imposing more stringent health measures, including containment, accelerating the deployment of vaccines across the country, including by putting in the spotlight primary care providers, such as family physicians, and vaccinate essential workers as a priority, as soon as possible.

The AMC also recommends supporting and protecting these essential workers and their families, in particular by offering them paid sick leave, personal protective equipment, mental health support “and other initiatives designed to ensure their physical security and promote income security ”.


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