what school calendar for the coming weeks?

what school calendar for the coming weeks?
what school calendar for the coming weeks?

Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday a closure of schools for three weeks.

Nurseries, schools (nursery and primary), middle and high schools will be closed for three to four weeks from Friday evening and the spring school holidays will be unified throughout France from April 12 to curb the Covid-19 epidemic. , announced President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

The week of April 5 to 12, “classes for schools, colleges and high schools will be at home,” said the president, except “for the children of caregivers and some other professions, as well as children in situation handicap “. It will be followed by two weeks of vacation from April 12, for all zones, before a start on April 26 in physics for schools and in distance, an additional week, for colleges and high schools. Students will, however, be able to continue to attend university one day a week.

“I know that this reorganization involves profound changes for the parents of students and for the families, but it is the most suitable solution to curb the virus, while preserving the education and therefore the future of our children” , pleaded the Head of State. All the support measures for employees and companies currently in force will also be extended, assured Emmanuel Macron, specifying that “parents who will have to keep their children and cannot telework will be entitled to partial unemployment”.

April school calendar

Week of April 5 to 12: all schools closed, distance courses for schools, colleges and high schools (except for children of caregivers, some other professions, and children with disabilities)

Weeks from April 12 to 26: two weeks of vacation, unified for the three zones

– Beginning of April 26: in attendance for nursery and primary schools, remotely for middle and high schools

France is one of the European countries with the fewest weeks of school closures

The president reiterated the government’s desire to close schools as short as possible. “Yes, the virus is circulating in institutions but no more than elsewhere and the education of our children is not negotiable, school is not negotiable,” said Emmanuel Macron. “We must take our responsibilities, yes we must curb the virus,” he added. As Jean-Michel Blanquer has done on several occasions in recent months, the President welcomed the continued opening of schools in France. “We can congratulate ourselves in our country on having reopened among the first last spring on May 11, and on having kept them open since September 2020,” he recalled.

France is one of the European countries with the fewest weeks of school closures according to the latest data from March 2 compiled by Unesco. “We believe in this investment, in young children, adolescents (…) it is the fight of the century which opens because our children need to learn, to be together”, said Emmanuel Macron. “No one can say the deep and lasting consequences of a prolonged closure of schools, which reinforce social inequalities,” he said.

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