UN Security Council: Somalia urged to end electoral “deadlock”

UN Security Council: Somalia urged to end electoral “deadlock”
UN Security Council: Somalia urged to end electoral “deadlock”

In a declaration drafted by the United Kingdom and adopted unanimously by the 15 members of the Council, the latter expressed “concern at the current impasse”. He calls on “Somali leaders to meet as soon as possible to resolve outstanding issues on the basis of the September 17 agreement” on an electoral process.

Motivated by the electoral blockage, the Council meeting was requested by Ireland, the United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Norway and the United States. It is “in the interests of all Somalis to ensure that inclusive elections take place as soon as possible,” the Council statement insists.

In a meeting with media, British Ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward stressed that “the electoral process in Somalia is at a critical stage”. During the meeting, the UN envoy for Somalia, James Swan, argued that “the situation regarding the electoral process in Somalia requires urgent attention,” she added.

The United Kingdom calls again “on the federal government of Somalia and the federated member states to quickly reach an agreement on the implementation of the electoral process based on the model agreed on September 17,” she said.

Somalia was supposed to hold elections before February 8, the date of the end of the term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as “Farmajo”, but the country failed to organize them due to political dissension. A coalition of opposition candidates has since judged the illegitimate president and called for his resignation.

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