Negative tests and vaccination certificates for sale on the dark web.

Negative tests and vaccination certificates for sale on the dark web.
Negative tests and vaccination certificates for sale on the dark web.

In addition to offering counterfeit anti-Covid-19 vaccines, the dark web and several hacking forums are currently selling fake Covid-19 test results and fake vaccination certificates.

The computer threat monitoring laboratory Check Point Research warns about this new trend that is invading these clandestine platforms not listed by search engines.

With much publicity, ephemeral illicit sales marketplaces on the dark web are happily benefiting from the global health crisis. In particular those concerning the fraudulent trade in vaccines against Covid-19, the number of which has increased by more than 300% in the last three months, posting a price of the vaccine dose between 500 and 1000 dollars.

RFI informs us that, in its latest report, cybersecurity company CheckPoint revealed that attestations indicating a negative Covid-19 test result as well as vaccination “certificates” were made, created and printed to order.

$ 25 for a negative PCR test

They can allow individuals, in defiance of health rules, to board flights, to cross a border or to undertake any other activity requiring this type of proof. “Average price for a favorable PCR test?” 25 dollars! », Specifies Xavier Duros, technical director of Check Point Research.

“Every time a state certifies a vaccine,” explains the latter, “we see a new marketplace appear on the dark web to offer a certain number of doses such as AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinopharm, Sinovac or Johnson & Johnson – which n hasn’t even released in Europe yet. Today, with vaccine passports and Covid test certificates, these platforms are taking advantage of the crisis by offering, for example, for 25 dollars, a negative PCR test. Concretely, it’s very simple, you find an online form, you enter your personal details and then you pay in bitcoins necessarily because you are trading with a dark web site. ”

“More and more intermediaries are offering their service – and this is the new trend we have seen in recent months – to carry out this type of operation,” continues the expert. Setting up an electronic vaccination passport would undoubtedly make it easier to certify the veracity of the documents presented during health checks in order to stem the current scourge of counterfeit documents. ”As a reminder, the forging and the use of false documents to cross a border in all countries of the world is a criminal offense for which the penalty may be imprisonment.

Risk for “buyers”

Until now, the crooks of the dark web still escape the vigilance of the authorities because these discrete transactions on these platforms are untraceable. In particular because the payment is always made using a virtual currency.

In addition, there is a risk in making these types of dark web purchases as they allow criminals to easily retrieve customers’ personal data in order to access their bank accounts.

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