Streaming & TV: Series: the most anticipated novelties of the month of April

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“THE SERPENT” (April 2, Netflix), with Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman.


«THIM” (9 avril, Amazon Prime Video), a horrific anthology series.


“THE NEVERS”, (April 11, HBO, then April 12 on OCS), created by Joss Whedon.


“When April starts off too mild, it ends the worst of all,” the saying goes. We reassure you: this new month of series begins with a “Serpent” guilty of murders in a bikini and a horrific anthology. So everything should end well.

“THE SERPENT” (April 2, Netflix)

The pitch: L’story of con artist Charles Sobhraj and the remarkable attempts of Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg to bring him to justice. Charles Sobhraj, who masquerades as a dealer in precious stones, and his partner Marie-Andrée Leclerc traveled through Thailand, Nepal and India between 1975 and 1976, committing a series of crimes in their path on the Asian “Hippie Trail”.

Why are we talking about it: Inspirea of ​​terrifying real facts, this miniseries stars Tahar Rahim, an actor we love. The Frenchman slips into the skin of an almost unrecognizable “Serpent” whose spIt’sciality is essentiallure its victims, rob them and then kill them. Jenna Coleman camp la companion of Charles, Marie-Andrée Leclerc, while Billy Howle plays the diplomat. We admit, we are bitten.
«THIM” (9 avril, Amazon Prime Video)

The pitch: En 1953, Alfred et Luchy Emory, un couple d’Afro-AAmericans movent with their small family from North Carolina to an all-white residential area of ​​Los Angeles. The house on an idyllic street becomes the scene of disturbing supernatural phenomena as evil forces gradually begin to destroy them…

Why are we talking about it: «THEM» is an anthological horror series dealing with racism through a new story each season. It is called “Covenant” and reminds us of the universe of Jordan Peele (“Get out”).

“THE NEVERS”, (April 11, HBO, then April 12 on OCS)

The pitch: In the last years of the Victorian era, London was beset by the «Affected “, people (mostly women) who suddenly find themselves endowed with extraordinary abilities. Some are charming, others very disturbing…

Why are we talking about it: The series “The Nevers” is created by Joss Whedon, whose ears have probably not stopped ringing since Zack Snyder regained control over the film “Justice League” which he unfortunately had to leave to him. To see if the man who offered us, mere mortals, “Buffy the vampire slayer” has regained his splendor. Since this is an HBO event, we are pretty confident.

«BIG SHOT» (16 avril, Disney+)

The pitch: College campus basketball coach gets fired. He finds a job as a sports teacher in a private secondary school for girls.

Why are we talking about it: Since the success of “Big Little Lies”, screenwriter David E. Kelley is everywhere and not sure if it succeeds. After the bad “Big Sky” proposed on its Star channel, Disney + puts online “Big Shot”, much more family-friendly and led by actor John Stamos (“The party at home”). Would he have something to want to compensate for naming all his latest series “Big Something”?

«FROMI WAS” (21 avril, Netflix)

The pitch: Omar is a shy boy who lives in Barrio, a district of Milan. One day, he discovers that he possesses the extraordinary power of invisibility. He would like to get rid of it but finds himself, unwillingly, having to use it to save his loved ones. Throughout his adventures, Omar will discover the friendship of Sharif, Inno, Momo and Sara, and maybe even love.

Why are we talking about it: “Zero” comes to us from Italy and has a great soundtrack produced by rapper Marz in particular. And it’s already not bad.

«L‘SCHOOL OF LIFE’ (21 avril, France 2)

The pitch: This series tells the story of school without pretense. Side high school students, teachers or parents, we do not cheat. School, the real one: with its sometimes difficult personal stories that everyone tries in their own way and with their means of going beyond. By exploring the daily life of high school students and their teacher, “The School of Life” highlights those who participate in building the society of tomorrow.

Why are we talking about it: Adaptation of the Quebec series “30 vies”, “The school of life” arrives on France 2 only a few weeks after “La fault à Rousseau”, already with the theme of education. Here we follow the daily life of Vincent Picard, a professor ofhstory-geo in a high school in a big city played by Guillaume Labbé (Michaël in “I promise you”). Certainly less charismatic than Joey Starr who will play “The replacement” in a double pilot episode broadcast on TF1 on April 12. All that’s missing is a remake of “The Teacher”.

«SHADOW AND BONE» (23 avril, Netflix)

The pitch: The kingdom of Ravka has been cursed for millennia. Her fate now rests on the shoulders of an orphan. Alina has been recruited by the Army to accompany the Grisha, powerful magicians who fight against the evil fog that is tearing the land apart.

Why are we talking about it: Netflix unveils here a fantastic series based on the novels of Leigh Bardugo, published between 2012 and 2014, while the streaming service is still working on an adaptation of “World of Narnia”. Moreover, the former Prince Caspian, actor Ben Barnes, here lends his face to one of the main characters, General Kirigan. Lovers of monsters, superpowers and therefore special effects should be served.

«SEXIFY» (28 avril, Netflix)

The pitch: A young woman and her friends discover a part of themselves by experimenting with new practices in order to create a sexual application.

Why are we talking about it: Are we holding the spring series here? “Sexify” is a bit like the Polish answer to “Sex Education”. Yes, this story of female orgasm for dummies comes to us from the country of Robert Lewandowski and the kluski. In single-camera format and intended for an adult audience, “Sexify” brings a breath of fresh air to our very serious (and mainly Anglo-Saxon) selection for the month of April. Come on, we have almost a month to learn how to pronounce just the names of the main actresses: Aleksandra Skraba, Maria Sobocińska and Sandra Drzymalska.

«THE MOSQUITO COAST» (30 avril, Apple TV+)

The pitch: Disappointed by the United States where he no longer finds the slightest opportunity, an idealistic and adventurous father takes his wife and children to America latine in order to’make a fortune there.

Why are we talking about it: Released in 1981, the novel “Mosquito Coast” by Paul Theroux had been adapted At the movie theater five years later with the excellent Peter Weir directing (“The Circle of Missing Poets”, “Truman Show”) and Harrison Ford on the bill. Here, it’s Justin Theroux who takes over the role of adventurer Allie Fox. A family link with the author of the book? Yes, this is his uncle! The series was created by Neil Cross, to whom we owe “Luther,” and the plans for the trailer are stunning. Here is a mosquito that piques our interest.

«INNOCENT» (30 avril, Netflix)

The pitch: After accidentally killing a man, he plunges into a tragic spiral. But as he finally finds love and freedom, a phone call comes to rekindle his nightmare.

Why are we talking about it: The famous author Harlan Coben sold the rights to 14 of his books to Netflix. Interesting particularity: the adaptations and series of its stories are developed in different countries of the world. After “The Stranger”, a British miniseries put online eJanuary 2020, and “In the woods”, a fiction Polish last June, it was the turn of “Innocent” to see the light of day, after having been shot in Spain. It is on the side of France that we will have to look for the next one, later in the year: “Gone forever”.

«LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME» – saison 1 (1is avril, NBC)

It is necessarily an event: ten years after his departure from “New York: special unit” (“Law & Order: special unit”), Christopher Meloni returns to the role of Elliot Stabler in a new sfranchise pin-off. There is takes the head of a unit in charge of combating organized crime. We will also see him again alongside his former partner Olivia Benson.

«HHIPPOCRATES ” saison 2 (5 avril, Canal+)

At the Poincaré hospital, the quartet of season 1 will have to face a hospital in crisis, under the authority of a new head of the emergency department … All the episodes not being written while the first confinement began in France , the authors were inspired by the situation and integrated the Covid.

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