Telework, partial unemployment …: what changes the closure of schools

Telework, partial unemployment …: what changes the closure of schools
Telework, partial unemployment …: what changes the closure of schools

Posted on Apr 1, 2021, 6:45 AM

“Teleworking, which is undoubtedly the most efficient measure [contre la diffusion du Covid], will be systematized ”, insisted Wednesday evening Emmanuel Macron, “Call [ant] all employers and employees to have recourse to it ”. However, there will not be any reinforcement of coercion after the mobilization of the prefects, announced a few days ago, and the obligation included in the workplace health protocol for all employers to establish an action plan. But now, this last obligation, until now limited to only departments on heightened alert, will be extended to the whole of France.

More than the fear of the gendarme (the labor inspectorate), the closing of nurseries and schools should play a role of accelerating telework. Many of those who looked after their children during the first confinement had a cold sweat on hearing Emmanuel Macron: the closure of schools for the next few weeks signals the return, for them, of a tightrope walker exercise.

The rule in force for a year in the event of class closure will continue. Only parents who cannot telework will be compensated (if their child is under 16 or disabled). The self-employed will be taken care of by the health insurance, civil servants will have a special leave of absence. As for the employees, they “Will be entitled to partial unemployment”, insisted Emmanuel Macron. With a certain flexibility: after the presidential address, the Ministry of Labor clarified that “If an employee cannot telework because he has young children, he will inform his employer and may be compensated”.

Zero remains at the employer’s expense

This does not change, the partial unemployment mechanism will guarantee employees in the private sector 84% of the net salary (100% at the minimum wage. And it will not cost their company one euro. The ministry said in a press release that there is would have “0 remains payable by employers”.

In the classic partial activity regime (for decline in activity), only the sectors severely affected by the crisis are in this case, the others having to bear 1% of the cost of the indemnity.

What des vacances?

The childcare compensation scheme will apply during the two weeks of distance learning. But what about the two week vacation? This is one of the subjects that will be on the agenda of the video meeting that the Minister of Labor will have with the social partners on Thursday, said the entourage of Elisabeth Borne.


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