The summary of Emmanuel Macron’s announcements in the face of Covid-19

Macron, this is serious, nevertheless you find a moment to say hi by insisting on handshakes during your speech. Certainly, I understood that you had adhered to the Koranic affirmation namely: “GOD HAS ONE HAND”, but beyond forcing an emergency speech just to come forward in front of “Dare”, it was necessary to do it. Apparently my last comment on youtube liked it, paying homage to GREAT MEN, I only did my duty. And in this comment, I added the film “LA GRÂCE” that you can find on youtube in full, you just have to put these keywords “La Grâce Full Movie in French (Comedy) 1979 Michel Serrault” in the engine search for youtube and you will come across the movie. This film has summed up for us the most perfect definition of GOD, yet the film dates from 1979, everything is said in this film, then between 12:24 mins to 12:26 mins of the video, the director has beaten the pawn to Nostradamus, until he predicted the COVID-19. That said, I much prefer Papa TRUMP’s scripts, he directed them with perfection, I miss him a [email protected], speaking of Papa TRUMP, he opened a website called: “” to prepare for his comeback, why didn’t you mention it? You jealous bunch!

Dare! La N’OrVerG-Yenne, les2Infinis & Nous.


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