Ryan Reynolds Gets Vaccinated, Mocks Twitter Conspirators

Ryan Reynolds Twitter

Ryan Reynolds receiving a dose of vaccine.

VACCINATION – Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds announced that he had been vaccinated against Covid-19, amused by conspiratorial theses around vaccines. He published, this Wednesday, March 31, the cliché on his Twitter account, adding with irony: “I finally have 5G”, in reference to false information circulating on social networks, affirming that the vaccines contain nanoparticles and chips 5G allowing to trace the population.

As soon as it was published, the tweet went viral on the platform. Deadpool’s superhero even made British telecommunications giant Vodafone react. “Please don’t encourage them Ryan…”, the mobile network operator replied.

“From now on, Bill Gates will be able to track you down”, some quipped some. Others responded by nicknamed him “ALIVE-pool” as opposed to the name Deadpool, the atypical and humorous anti-hero of the Marvel universe.

Blake Lively was also vaccinated

His wife, American actress Blake Lively, who plays Serena in “Gossip Girl”, also posted a photo of her, all smiles, on Instagram receiving her first dose of the vaccine. “Find me someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse who vaccinates me”, she wrote in the caption.

The United States, which now vaccinates just in time, should make vaccination eligible for more than 90% of the country’s population by April 19, according to US President Joe Biden.

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