“Short-term” strike in a majority of schools on April 14

“Short-term” strike in a majority of schools on April 14
“Short-term” strike in a majority of schools on April 14

Elementary and secondary school teachers affiliated with the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ), which represents the majority of teachers in Quebec, will be on strike “short-term” on April 14 to protest against the lack of results in their negotiation with the Legault government.

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After a walkout in the college network on Tuesday, the Federation announced Thursday morning the holding of this first day of strike in the school network, which will take place between midnight and 9:30 am.

“We wanted to go towards an innovative strike because our objective is not to make students miss school, but to disrupt school administration,” said its president, Josée Scalabrini.

This “short-lived” strike will be felt in schools in 58 school service centers across the province (see below for a full list). Teachers from the English-speaking network will also follow suit.

These service centers will have to juggle with the impact of this pressure tactic, which complicates the organization of school transport and daycare services, since teachers affiliated with the FSE-CSQ will not be in class before 9:30 a.m., explains Ms. Scalabrini. .

In recent weeks, FSE teachers have voted for a strike mandate of up to 5 specific days, to be exercised at the appropriate time.

The April 14 walkout will be considered a 90-minute strike, allowing the FSE to multiply similar initiatives as needed over the coming weeks.

Schools in Quebec, Lévis and Gatineau will be closed until April 12, the Legault government announced yesterday.

“It is not with a good heart that we are talking about a strike today. This is because teachers expect significant changes to their working conditions, which are moreover directly linked to the learning conditions of students. However, the little offered after years of underinvestment does not make it possible to achieve this objective, ”said Ms. Scalabrini.

The Legault government presented a new offer to public sector employees on Wednesday, deemed “clearly insufficient” by the Centrale des unions du Québec.

On the monetary level, Quebec is raising wage increases from 5% to 6% in three years if the economic growth is at the rendezvous and the consumer price index exceeds 5%. A lump sum of $ 400 million is also offered.

Collective agreements for government employees expired a year ago.

Here is the list of school service centers where teachers will be on a “short-term strike” on April 14:


Charlevoix (SEC-CSQ)

· Discoverers (SEDR-CSQ)

· Portneuf (SEP-CSQ)


· Appalaches (SEA-CSQ)

Beauce-Etchemin (SEC-CSQ)

Côte-du-Sud (SECS-CSQ)

Browsers (SEDR-CSQ)


Fleuve-et-des-Lacs (SEGP-CSQ)

Kamouraska – Rivière-du-Loup (SEGP-CSQ)

Monts-et-Marées (SERM-CSQ)

· Phares (SERM-esq)


Bois-Francs (SEBF-CSQ)

· Chinese (SERD-CSQ)

Riverine (SELR-CSQ)

North Coast

Estuary (SEHCN-CSQ)

· Make (SERF-CSQ

Average-North Shore (SERF-CSQ)

· Littoral (SERF-CSQ and LNSETA)


· Hauts-Cantons (SEE-CSQ)

· Région-de-Sherbrooke (SEE-CSQ)

Summits (SEE-CSQ)

Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Chic-Chocs (STEEQ-CSQ)

Islands (STEEQ-CSQ)


· Laurentides (SEEL-CSQ)

Hautes-Laurentides (Pierre-Neveu) (SPEHR-CSQ)

Rivière-du-Nord (SERN-CSQ)


· Affluents (SERM-CSQ)

· Samares (SEL-CSQ)


Chemin-du-Roy (SEVF-CSQ)

· Energie (SEM-CSQ)


Grandes-Seigneuries (APL-CSQ)

Hautes-Rivières (SEHR-CSQ)

Marie-Victorin (Champlain-CSQ)

Patriots (Champlain-CSQ)

· Saint-Hyacinthe (SEVM-CSQ)

· Sorel-Tracy (SEBR-CSQ)

Three-Lakes (SERV-CSQ)

Vallée-des-Tisserands (Champlain-CSQ)


· Harricana (SEUAT-CSQ)

· Lac-Abitibi (SEUAT-CSQ)

· Lac-Témiscamingue (SEUAT-CSQ)

Or-et-des-Bois (SEUAT-CSQ)

· Rouyn-Noranda (SEUAT-CSQ)

Northern Quebec

· Baie-James (SEUAT-CSQ)


Hauts-Bois-de-l’Outaouais (SPEHR-CSQ)

Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

Jonquière (SELJ-CSQ)

Lac-Saint-Jean (SELAC-CSQ)

Pays-des-Bleuets (SELH-CSQ)

Rives-du-Saguenay (SES-CSQ)

English-speaking network

(teachers are represented by the Provincial Association of Teachers of Quebec)

  • Central Quebec School Board (CQTA-SECQ)
  • Eastern Shores School Board (ESTA-AEES)
  • Commission scolaire Eastern Townships (ATA-AEA)
  • English Montreal School Board (MTA-AEEM)
  • Scholar Commission Lester B. Pearson (PTU-SEP)
  • Commission scolaire New Frontiers (CVTA-AECV)
  • Riverside School Board (RTU-SER)
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (LTU-SEL)
  • Western Quebec School Board (WQTA-AEOQ)

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