four answers to your questions about telecommuting and childcare

four answers to your questions about telecommuting and childcare
four answers to your questions about telecommuting and childcare
Faced with the rampant Covid-19 epidemic, Emmanuel Macron announced the closure of schools for three to four weeks and reiterated the call for “systematize” telecommuting. But how can employees and the self-employed organize themselves? These measures raise questions among many Internet users on Here are some answers.

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1Is the face-to-face return one day a week suspended?

The rule does not change. Since the end of October, the national company protocol provides that, for employees who can perform all of their tasks remotely, “teleworking time is increased to 100%”. Since January has been added the possibility of coming back one day a week if they wish, a “valve” which is therefore maintained.

2Does “systematic teleworking” mean compulsory?

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, explained Thursday April 1 on France Inter that the call for “systematize” telework means that “anyone who can telework must telework”. He called “to the citizenship of employees and employers” and underlined that“there are still margins, gains”. “We consider that 40% of the success of a containment is teleworking, it’s huge impact. So the more you earn on telework, the more you win against the virus and the shorter the management measures”, he pleaded.

3How to telework with a young child at home?

During the first confinement, employees with children often continued to telecommute. But “nobody can telework while looking after their children!” underlines, a year later, the Ugict-CGT, union of executives and engineers, in a press release, claiming “the implementation of workload reductions and scheduling arrangements by employers for all parents”.

Even if their position allows it, employees who feel they are unable to telework because they have, for example, young children who are not autonomous “ask to be [placés] in partial activity “, specifies the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, on Twitter. It will be possible “if they are parents of a child under 16 or of a disabled child without age limit”, adds the Ministry of Labor.

The rule applies from a child and is based on the declarative: the employee “will have to give his employer a sworn certificate indicating that he is the only one of the two parents asking to benefit from the partial activity on the grounds of child custody”. Employees will then benefit from compensation up to 84% of their net remuneration or 100% for employees on the minimum wage, with zero remaining payable by employers. “Each employee can have a discussion with his employer / manager depending on his personal situation”, we add to the Ministry of Labor.

4My work cannot be done remotely, can I ask to stay at home to take care of my child?

Employees, parents of children under 16, who exercise a non-teleworkable profession can apply for partial unemployment, the coverage rates for which have been extended until the end of April. These rules provide for the indemnity to be maintained at 84% of net salary. or 100% for employees with minimum wage. The remainder to be paid will be zero for the employer and not 15%.

Self-employed workers, like the self-employed, can benefit from a derogatory work stoppage to keep their child, by registering with the Health Insurance. Only one parent (or holder of parental authority) at a time can be issued this work stoppage. The children of certain professionals, such as caregivers, will continue to be accommodated in establishments.

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