Issa Sall violated the law, “with the complicity of Macky Sall” … by becoming Minister-Counselor during his mandate as deputy

Issa Sall became at the same time deputy and minister-adviser to the head of state. A combination of functions which outright violates the internal regulations of the National Assembly. “No deputy can accomplish a mission on behalf of the State, if he has the technical knowledge which enables him, but he cannot be deputy and minister” confides a deputy joined by “Source A”. He freely chose to accept the post of Minister-Counselor, while he is still a member of the National Assembly. However, according to the organic law n ° 2006-41 of December 11, 2006 or that n ° 92-15 of February 7, 1992, he is formally forbidden to be elevated to the rank of minister while being a deputy. A responsibility that he shares with the President of the Republic Macky Sall who appointed him Minister-Counselor while knowing that he is still a deputy, notes the newspaper “Source A”.

According to the organic law, which stipulates that “ mandate of deputy is incompatible with the quality of member of government, member of the Council of the Republic for Economic and Societal Affairs ». As a result, anyone who violates this law is replaced in office. For the past few months, the PUR has been demanding the removal of the MP, as he is no longer a member of their political party. Indeed, Issa Sall created his own political party “the Party of Peace, Ethics and Equity.”

In the opinion of Professor Moussa Diao, it is now necessary to wonder about the political actors that we have. And ” political actors can return their jackets when they want and according to their interests, they do not believe in anything “. Behaviors he deplores, because they will no longer inspire confidence in the people.


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