Eaux-Vives district – A nonagenarian hit by a truck is in danger of death

A 94-year-old woman walking on a sidewalk was struck by a truck Thursday morning near the Eaux-Vives shopping center. His days are endangered.
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Numerous intervention forces went to the scene following the accident. (Illustrative photo)

Keystone/Martial Trezzini

A nonagenarian who was traveling on a sidewalk was struck Thursday around 11am by a truck near the Eaux-Vives shopping center in Geneva. Stuck under the front-right wheel of the machine, she was seriously injured. His days are endangered.

The 94-year-old victim was walking on the sidewalk in a direction that remains to be determined, said Alexandre Brahier, spokesman for the cantonal police at Keystone-ATS, confirming information of “20 minutes”. For reasons yet to be determined, a truck grabbed her while maneuvering to enter the mall.

Looking for a woman

Police are looking for a woman who has identified herself as a nurse. In the presence of her three children, she rescued the nonagenarian, explained the spokesperson.

The avenue was closed and many intervention forces went there. The victim was taken to hospital. Strongly shocked, the 33-year-old truck driver was taken to a psychological cell.


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