Sexuality – For women, “cum is the bomb!”

Sexuality – For women, “cum is the bomb!”
Sexuality – For women, “cum is the bomb!”

Five Geneva actresses have ordered a play on female pleasure from Marie Fourquet and Julie Gilbert. Cash interview of the pair with a pen.
Katia Berger

Posted today at 4:59 p.m.

Marie Fourquet and Julie Gilbert, in the Pâquisard lair of the second, jubilantly talking about their four-handed writing, itself enjoyable, of

Marie Fourquet and Julie Gilbert, in the Paquisard lair of the second, jubilantly talking about their four-handed writing, itself enjoyable, of “All the pleasure is for me”, a show for five actresses on the bill. Loup next June.


In the beginning there was the show “Women in love”, by Mélanie Chappuis, who José Lillo had directed at the Alchimic Theater in 2017. During the experience, there was then the will of the five actresses involved – Céline Bolomey, Caroline Cons, Rachel Gordy, Patricia Mollet-Mercier and Alexandra Tiedemann – to push the investigation into privacy further, “to see what is at stake in politics”. The Oh! Yes that they constitute then orders a text exploring female sexuality from the author Julie Gilbert, whose work they appreciate, who immediately addresses her colleague Marie Fourquet with a view to writing the project in four hands. “The pleasure is mine”. What has not discovered the pair since the start of their excavations, two years ago, in the field of fantasy, desire and enjoyment of women, this is what this interview without taboo reveals!

How did you react to the order of the collective Oh! Yes?

Julie Gilbert: I answered them: “Female sexuality, uh, yes, I practice, but I don’t know much about it!” This observation questioned me quite a bit. How could I have become interested in Japanese cuisine or tribal rites without ever learning about sexuality? I immediately thought of Marie, whom I have known for many years, and who seemed to me well equipped to tackle this theme head-on. I also suggested to the actresses to work with the director Manon Krüttli, whom I admired a lot on episode 2 of the series. “You are here”. Our sponsors actively send us podcasts, annotated books, their own testimonials, in order to feed the raw material of “All the pleasure is for me”. Our dramaturgical line revolves around this question: could the reappropriation of jouissance by women give them new power?

Marie Fourquet: We quickly posited that we would never talk about all women. Female sexuality, in itself, does not exist. The differences are such that it would be very presumptuous to generalize. We also decided to limit ourselves to heterosexual sexuality, even if it sometimes spills over into relationships between women. We therefore went to collect the stories of anonymous women, particularly concerning their fantasies, in order to learn more about an unknown sexual imagination.

“Could the reappropriation of jouissance by women give them new power?”

Julie Gilbert and Marie Fourquet, authors

This “collection of fantasies” collected among your networks, what does it indicate?

M.F.: The collection is still in progress, we also invite readers of “La Tribune” to participate! Out of about sixty people contacted so far, we have received about twenty testimonials. Erotic dreams, masturbation routines, not everyone is ready to share!

J.G.: In addition to nourishing the show, the answers could give rise to a small publication, they are so pretty and varied. With all the reference texts and testimonies together, the score we give to the company follows a defined structure, although its elements can be distributed in different ways. The actresses and the director appropriate the material offered according to what they want to embody on stage.

Among the accounts obtained, do you observe recurrences?

M.F.: Yes, almost all of the “worst sexual memories” correspond to unwanted intercourse. We can definitely not get rid of this really not funny reality.

J.G.: Our first version mostly reflected these difficult points – rape, fear, porn formatting… We were in sad sex. Suddenly, we oriented a second version towards more joyful aspects, such as enjoyment or the notion ofempowerment – that is to say, the seizure of power that allows the control of one’s sexuality. We discover that the theme can also lead to the idea that “enjoyment is the bomb”, and we note that this positive dimension allows you to look at your own life differently, to assume your curiosity, to take charge of your own life. playful exploration, listen to your libido.

The commitment of Julie Gilbert, the frontality of Marie Fourquet combine to generate

The commitment of Julie Gilbert, the frontality of Marie Fourquet combine to generate “All the pleasure is for me”.


Does the title “All the fun is for me” literally claim “all” the fun for girls?

M.F.: In my opinion, if women reclaim their pleasure, it can only trigger reciprocity! A friend of mine complained about fifteen years ago that his girlfriend, as soon as they started to make love, masturbated at the same time to enjoy. Today, I believe that this anecdote would no longer appear to be problematic. Everyone knows that penetration alone doesn’t necessarily cause an orgasm, and that a hand can help. Our title especially asserts this right: not to prevent yourself from putting your hand in addition.

“Basically, penetration no longer enters into the definition of the sexual act.”

Julie Gilbert and Marie Fourquet, authors

Wasn’t an Ovid already advocating the sexual satisfaction of women?

J.G.: Yes. In Sarah Barmak’s excellent book, “Enjoying – in search of female orgasm”, we even read that in the Middle Ages, the Church suggested that women stimulate their clitoris because it promoted fertilization. !

Should we prefer the “do-it-yourself” to the caress lavished by his partner?

M.F.: The notion of foreplay, widely encouraged by previous generations, is questioned by feminists today. The word implies a dramaturgy, the penetration of which would represent the climax. We want to free ourselves from a sexuality subject to the purpose of male pleasure: he caresses me, he licks me, I caress him, I lick him, he puts on his condom, he penetrates, he ejaculates. We free ourselves from ready-made scenarios, which hinder the discovery of other paths. Contemporary sexologists invite couples in difficulty to deconstruct this type of sequence. This also has the effect of relieving the pressure on a man who could not keep his erection. The idea of ​​performance is evacuated. Basically, penetration no longer enters into the definition of the sexual act.

J.G.: The injunction arises to discover one’s own capacity to experience pleasure. Women want to be in control of their bodies. Self-knowledge will intensify the relationship with the other. By bending the typical scenario, we will go much further. Overall, we keep saying that we have to change the story. But getting out of the hackneyed codes of sexuality is really within everyone’s reach.

M.F.: We are not out of the era of safe sex, which, to prevent the transmission of AIDS, had led to changes in mentalities. It should also be noted that the popularization of sex toys has transformed the way users relate to their bodies. I am thinking in particular of the “womanizer”, which acts on the clitoris thanks to pulsations of air, giving orgasms to women who had never known them. This sex toy does not reproduce the gestures of a partner, nor his own, it is stronger than that! And in the end, it improves everyone’s sex life, far from just consoling a frustrated bachelor. Finally, it should be added that the #MeToo movement has, in a short time, increased the need for visibility of female libido. Clitoral masturbation was taboo, it is clearly no longer.

Posted today at 4:59 p.m.

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