the Prime Minister responds to the deputies, the current measures remain in force

the Prime Minister responds to the deputies, the current measures remain in force
the Prime Minister responds to the deputies, the current measures remain in force
On Wednesday, the Brussels Court of First Instance issued a summary judgment in which he considers the measures taken by the government to be illegal, which restrict the freedoms of citizens in order to fight against the Covid. The government has 30 days to cancel them or find a solution.

A “Pandemic” law is in preparation. The draft law was tabled by the Minister of the Interior in parliament and it is not unanimous. What does the government intend to do to respect the court’s decision? The Prime Minister was questioned on the subject this Thursday afternoon in the House, during the oral questioning session.

If we follow the logic of the court of first instance, there is no longer any question for the government to continue to take measures restricting freedoms by ministerial decrees. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) confirmed in the House on Wednesday that she would appeal. His draft “Pandemic” bill is under consideration in Parliament.

This project plans to provide Belgium with a legal framework that will allow the government, this one and the following ones, to take the necessary measures when it comes to fighting the pandemic. The objective is to no longer have to slalom between existing laws and ministerial decrees to find a legal basis for the measures to be taken, as has been the case since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The government has undertaken to give Parliament the time to examine the “Pandemic” bill and to give its opinion, with a view to respecting democratic balances between the executive and legislative powers. The least that can be said is that, so far, the text is not unanimous. Deemed incomplete, vague, poorly marked out, criticism is pouring in from the opposition, but also from the ranks of the majority.

To the deputies who speak of chaos, of a shaky base, of an unconstitutional device, the Prime Minister answers. As for the judgment rendered by the court of first instance of Brussels, “the judge ruled on the legal basis. He did not ruled on the constitutionality”, responds Alexander De Croo.

For the latter, the legal basis, the Civil Security Act of 2007, is a sufficient basis, as the Council of State has confirmed, the Prime Minister recalls on several occasions. It is only this time that a court, the Court of First Instance of Brussels, considers the contrary.

Alexandre De Croo explains that you have to remain confident, while working out solutions. For him, this solution is the “Pandemic” law on which we must continue to work within the 30-day interval given by the Brussels Court of First Instance.. “The timeline will be quite a challenge. It’s clear, but it seems to me that it must be possible to finalize the Pandemic law within these deadlines”, estime Alexander De Croo.

The Prime Minister talks about a solution which must be stable. We must take into account the remarks of parliamentarians and the opinion that will be delivered by the Council of State on the “Pandemic” bill. This opinion is expected on April 15, recalled, for her part, the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden (CD&V). Parliament will be involved in the debate. Once the Council of State’s opinion has been issued, the Minister of the Interior will present a modified bill.

Until then, the government does not appear to be intimidated by the judgment of the trial court. “It is logical that this judgment is taken into account “, explains Alexander De Croo. But “we believe there is a way to convince the Court of Appeal to review this decision”, believes the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden, who decided to appeal the judgment deeming illegal the covid measures restricting freedoms.

“Let it be clear, whatever happens, in the meantime, these measures remain in force” recalls the Minister of the Interior. “Because we see that the numbers are evaluating the wrong way “, she specifies.

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