France: Le Pen believes his victory has never been so likely

France: Le Pen believes his victory has never been so likely
France: Le Pen believes his victory has never been so likely

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has confirmed her forthcoming departure from the presidency of the National Rally (RN), which could take place after the summer, in view of her candidacy for the presidential election in France in 2022.

“At the next congress, no, because it is a congress which will legitimize the candidate for the presidential election, and I must therefore first be re-elected, but then, yes, because it is necessary that I not only be the candidate of the RN “, declared the head of the RN in an interview with the French monthly” L’Incorrect “, close to her niece Marion Maréchal, who asked her if she confirmed her departure from the head of the party.

“With a possibility of victory (editor’s note: in the presidential election) which has never been as important as today, I have to be the candidate of all those who want to lead the national fight”, a- she argues.

The far-right leader said in February that she “was considering” giving up the presidency of her party to be the “candidate of all French people” while “obviously being supported” by her movement.

According to the number two of the party, Jordan Bardella, tipped to succeed him, the departure of Marine Le Pen from the presidency of the RN will take place “probably after the summer”.

The RN will previously hold its 17th congress in Perpignan (south) in early July, which should unsurprisingly validate Marine Le Pen’s candidacy for the presidential election.

The head of the RN had already taken “leave” from the presidency of the party between the two rounds of the French presidential election in 2017.

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