the site that allows you to be alerted when a vaccine dose is available

The site allows you to register and be alerted when a vaccine dose is available near you, in order to avoid throwing away unused doses.

“No dose should be lost”, wrote Olivier Véran to the Regional Health Agencies at the beginning of January, while the logistical constraints and in particular of vaccine conservation raise fears of losses of 25 to 30% of the doses. “Never throw away a dose, that’s the basic rule. No need to write a protocol for that, it is common sense”, hammered the Minister of Health, during a press conference on the 25th. last march.

Because at the end of the day, vaccination centers sometimes find themselves with additional doses on their hands, due to a last minute withdrawal, an appointment made in duplicate by a patient or more doses extracted from the vials. provided that. Thus, a vial of AstraZeneca vaccine is supposed to contain 10 doses, but with the right equipment and precise technique, some vaccinators manage to extract 11 or even 12 doses. Except that once the vials have been opened, the vaccine doses must be injected within hours.

Facilitate access to a list of volunteers for vaccination centers

At the end of the day, to avoid throwing away the remaining and unused doses due to a lack of appointments, some centers vaccinate people who are not eligible. BFM showed how, one of its 22-year-old journalists, therefore not eligible for vaccination for the moment, had managed to be vaccinated by going at the end of the day to a Paris vaccination center, which had an excess dose. Le Monde also tells how a general practitioner sometimes finds himself in Paris, going to the street to find patients to be vaccinated.

In an attempt to facilitate contact between vaccination centers with excess doses and patients wishing to benefit from them at a moment’s notice, a free site has been launched. Covidliste allows people not eligible for vaccination to leave their contact details (email address, telephone number, and address) in order to be notified by a vaccination center partner of the site and close to home if an additional dose is available, at the end during the day, in order to avoid throwing it away.

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More than 15,000 registered

“When a dose is available a link is sent to you. Upon confirmation, you are put in touch with a vaccination center. Be careful if you do not quickly validate your request, this dose will be allocated to a next volunteer”, write the creators. of Covidliste, who claim for the moment more than 15,000 registered, in less than two days.

The creators of the site indicate that they are in contact with several vaccination centers to share their patient waiting list and seek to reach more centers, to facilitate vaccination. A site whose collection of personal data could lead to seize the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms (CNIIL).

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron announced a new vaccination schedule. From April 16, people 60 and over will be able to be vaccinated. On May 15, it will be the turn of people aged 50 and over, before an opening to all French people over 18 in mid-June.

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