SEAT Represented By The CAC From This April 1

SEAT Represented By The CAC From This April 1
SEAT Represented By The CAC From This April 1

Thus the CAC distributor will add the Barcelona brand Seat on 1is April 2021 to its catalog. The consolidation strategy put in place by the Volkswagen group, already deployed in several countries, resulted in the integration of Seat into the Central Automobile Chérifienne.

This strategic decision of the group aims to face the challenges currently facing the automotive industry, in fact in the face of the necessary and unprecedented energy transition, digitalization as well as the development of the autonomous car in an increasingly more competitive has led the Volkswagen group to review its strategic alliances by country.

In addition to these challenges, COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated this need for synergy.

SEAT, thanks to this partnership, will be able to count on the know-how of the CAC, will benefit from its stability and its financial capacity. With 91 years of experience in the automotive sector, CAC provides its brands with trained and highly qualified human capital, a territorial network to international standards and the expertise of its partners built over the years covering today 95% of the market.

To complete its product range, the CAC will benefit from the dynamism and vitality of the Barcelona brand SEAT, which targets a demanding clientele. It will be considered as the gateway to the Volkswagen group, with a conquest rate of 56%.

The brand offers “Made in Barcelona” cars, with cutting-edge technology and an attractive and emotional design.

Created in 1929, the CAC obtained its official Volkswagen representative card in Morocco in 1951. The gradual integration of the Group’s other brands ensued: Audi (1972), Skoda (2000), Porsche (2003), Bentley (2015) ) and latest: SEAT.

Year after year, the group has been able to support the development of the brands it represents to become a major player in its sector. Its 560 experienced employees and long-standing partners have jointly participated in the development of CAC. Allowing it to achieve a market share of 11% in 2020 while ensuring a constantly improving quality of service to reach the required international level.

Founded in 1950, the SEAT brand marketed its first car in 1953: the 1400 model with a production of 5 vehicles per day. In 1986 she joined the Volkswagen group. Today, SEAT employs more than 15,000 professionals, is present in 75 countries around the world and exports more than 80% of its vehicles.

For its integration into the CAC, a product plan studied and adapted to the demand of the Moroccan customer was set up with the ambition to make accessible versions over-equipped with the best value for money.

Also in its strategy of reconquering the Moroccan market, the brand is working on a development plan that will begin in April with a call for applications to ensure representation in the largest cities of the kingdom.

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