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Recently, activist Guy Marius Sagna was released from prison following the protests that took place with the arrest of Ousmane Sonko. In recognition of his commitment to the homeland, Senegalese internet users organized a fundraiser to offer him a car. Today, the collection has been stopped and the balance sheet given. Find below the results of the collection drawn up by Hannibal Djim, the person in charge of the collection.

»BILAN de la campaign JOTNA GUY AM AUTO

Far from being an April Fool’s Day, Senegalese from inside and outside the country have mobilized to offer Guy Marius SAGNA a car so that he can travel safely because they are aware of the danger to which this worthy son of the country faces daily life.

The Senegalese continue to demand the continuation of the campaign. But for the sake of transparency, we were obliged to stop the campaign after 48 hours in order to be able to report to the Senegalese.

The results of this unprecedented 48h operation, patriotic and through which the Senegalese people took the initiative, are as follows:

The amount collected is 14 233 049 CFA

In addition, there are promises:
One year insurance
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