Remix, the new feature that mimics TikTok Duets

Remix, the new feature that mimics TikTok Duets
Remix, the new feature that mimics TikTok Duets

L’application Instagram (illustration). — Jenny Kane / AP

The race for competition between TikTok and all other social networks continues. Instagram unveiled this Wednesday a new feature, Remix, strongly inspired by the Duo option of the Chinese social network.

Remix concretely allows you to record your own video alongside a video already posted by another user. The feature thus creates a new Reel featuring a screen split in two, reports TechCrunch relayed by 01net.

Again and again compete with TikTok

Its use is simple. When viewing a Reel, simply click on the options at the bottom right of the screen and select “Remix this Reel”. The screen then splits in half and the original video appears on one side, allowing the user to record their own in parallel.

Instagram also allows you to add a voiceover and change the volume of the initial video. Users can thus react to each other’s Reels or film themselves performing the same actions as other content creators.

The feature has been around for a long time on TikTok and promotes interactions between users of the social network. According to information from TechCrunch, a similar option, also called Remix, would be in preparation at Snapchat.


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