these teleworking parents who have organized themselves differently

these teleworking parents who have organized themselves differently
these teleworking parents who have organized themselves differently

Grandparents, nannies, mutual aid … The parents were able to better prepare for this third confinement.

Telework while looking after your children… This situation has an air of déjà vu. And yet most parents have done everything to ensure that this confinement does not look like the first. “ It was inconceivable. I had neither the desire nor the energy to find myself in the same situation as in March 2020 », Says Marie, mother of two children aged 9 and 13 and an executive. At the first confinement, she and her husband stayed in their Parisian apartment and took turns looking after their children while telecommuting. A difficult situation to manage that they did not want to reproduce. For this third confinement, Marie joined her parents in Brittany. “ My parents take care of the children. Thanks to that, I live much better in this confinement and the children too. I am much more zen because I know that my children are happier than in the first confinement “, Emphasizes Marie.

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Some parents stayed in their own accommodation but set up a new way of life. ” At the first confinement, we were in shock, remembers Cléo, director and mother of two daughters aged 3 years and 17 months. For this one, we prepared better, we’ve been thinking about a new organization for several weeks.. With my partner, we share the time of childcare. When one looks after the children, the other goes to the empty apartment of a couple of friends to be able to work in peace. They left us their keys before leaving “At the first confinement, the couple had rented a large house in the countryside but this solution was not financially sustainable again.

A reorganization of the place of life can also prove to be saving for the whole family. “ We thought about how to be less disturbed by our son’s noise when he is playing. We have reorganized the apartment with a section for adults where we work and a section for him behind a double door. It works much better this way », Says Eve, designer of a fashion brand and mother of a 3-year-old boy.

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« They were in front of the screens a lot ”

When two-person organization is not enough, recourse to nannies is sometimes inevitable. A solution that comes at a certain cost. “ It is a financial pit. We have organized our budget to be able to hire a nanny 7 days out of three weeks », Deplores Priscillia, mother of a 16 month old boy and community manager. In CDD, she does not plan to have recourse to partial unemployment, for fear of not being kept in CDI thereafter.

Employees in the private sector can benefit from partial activity but are compensated up to 84% of their net salary. A difference in salary which is not negligible. “ We did not opt ​​for this option because it created too much loss of wages. The children alternate between their grandmother and a nanny. It was more profitable financially », Explains Laëtitia, head of a call center and mother of two children aged 6 and 2.

But when grandparents or nannies are not possible solutions and you have to babysit while telecommuting, the task becomes very complicated. With hindsight on the first confinement, parents are trying their best to occupy their children. “ At the first confinement, I admit that they were in front of the screens a lot. Today, we are more careful. They have vacation homework, for example, and outdoor extracurricular activities are maintained. It allows them to have a social activity. It does them a lot of good », Explains Eve.

Faced with an organization that is sometimes difficult to manage, solidarity between parents is growing. “ Between parents, we learn a lot more from others. We render each other services while remaining cautious and respecting barrier gestures Says Eve. Mutual aid initiatives are emerging, such as the Covid Sitting Facebook group, which aims to connect parents or single-parent families in difficulty with the inactive “ strengths »Wishing to use their free time to look after children.

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With massive recourse to teleworking since March 2020, mentalities have also changed compared to the first confinement. “ In March 2020, my clients got angry when they overheard my kids in a meeting. Today they understand. It is much better perceived », Remembers Laëtitia. Who has not heard a child in the background during a videoconference meeting? A situation that would have shocked us more than a year ago and which has now become commonplace …

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