Arcep: “My internet connection” finds good fixed line speeds in France

After a year of beta testing, Arcep is now offering a more complete version of its My Internet Connection service. It provides information on the types of fixed connections and possible speeds throughout mainland France and overseas. In exchange for an address, the site lists the operators present, the connection modes available (fiber, DSL, satellite, etc.) and the range of speeds that can be expected.

At the level of a municipality, a department or a region, the engine also details (via the Advanced display menu) the proportion of eligible inhabitants at each of the flow levels (this display in particular does not seem to work with Safari, you have to switch to another browser).

Since the beta version opened in April 2020, the names of local operators or even all those who offer a commercial offer at a given address have been added to the database. The current data goes back to the third quarter of last year (September in general), Arcep aims to update them and find a quarterly cruising speed.

Available speeds for city dwellers

This is backed up by another data source – Fiber Card – which keeps a log of the current and future deployment of this connection mode. In the coming days, Arcep is making an appointment to put residents’ eligibility rates online for “good high speed” (8 to 30 Mbits / second) and very high speed access at the level. departmental.



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