The Jupiler will change color and go from yellow … to red

The Jupiler will change color and go from yellow … to red
The Jupiler will change color and go from yellow … to red

The most popular pilsner among Belgian consumers will take on the colors of the Red Devils thanks to the addition of a natural coloring taken from the black carrot… added at the very end of the brewing process. “The taste remains the same,” Jupiler officials said. The price too. This special edition will only be available in cans sold in retail and in the hospitality industry via draft beer.

Three years after temporarily changing its name to “Belgium” during the World Cup, one of the most loyal partners of the national football team is once again able to surprise football and beer lovers with this campaign. “We are all Red Inside”.

“This campaign has a double meaning,” explains Amaury Hayois, marketing manager. “If we are proud to show our colors, it is also much more, because we also live this passion inside us”. And inside the cans and drums, too.

This marketing was particularly promising during the World Cup. “There was of course a Red Devils effect”, which went as far as the gates of the Final ”, underlines Josse Peremans, Marketing Director. “There was also a weather impact with exceptional weather and several heat waves”.

This special cuvée will only be available in cans in stores. For two reasons: on the one hand because cans offer greater freedom of illustration than bottles and these same bottles would have gone unnoticed in the usual racks. Sales of cans and bottles are neck and neck in large distribution.

In the hotel and catering industry – 35% of Jupiler’s sales volumes – the “Red” Skirt will only be supplied in barrels from the expected date of resumption of activity in the sector, namely May 1st.

Special 30 cl glasses bearing the effigy of players will accompany this action: there will be sixteen in all and for all, manufactured one year ago. No chance therefore of having a glass with the effigy of Jérémy Doku or Leandro Trossard, especially as the collection will not be adapted taking into account the official list of selected players. Jupiler will catch up on social networks.

It only remains for the Devils to shine at the Euro and in good weather to be part of an environment much more conducive to the party than at present. “Football unites the Belgian nation like no other sport,” recalls Amaury Hayois. “All together, all together”…

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