The daring proposal of the Nuclear Safety Authority for new reactors in France

Rather unusually, Bernard Doroszczuk, the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), was applauded at the end of his hearing by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee on Wednesday April 7. The senators present in the hemicycle or online thanked the president of ASN for the precision and clarity of his answers on a very technical subject, but also economic and eminently political. Choice of the electricity mix in 2050, construction of new controllable electricity production capacities, extension of reactors, management of waste and spent fuel, loss of skills in the sector, challenges for EDF, French policies, which « procrastinent » for years, according to Bernard Doroszczuk, must “Make decisions within five years” which come at the latest, on almost all these subjects.

The president of ASN, during this hearing, succeeded in giving the senators all the elements to get out of the received ideas and ideological debates on nuclear power, and to decide in full knowledge of safety (and not of safety which is not of ASN’s responsibility), on all these subjects. Above all, he proposed new ways to tackle the question of the future of nuclear power in France. A feat that indeed deserved applause.


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