AstraZeneca vaccine coupons quickly found buyers Thursday in the Outaouais | Coronavirus

These vaccines, available without an appointment in the Outaouais region only at the Palais de congrès Thursday, were distributed as part of a provincial operation aimed at expanding the reach of its vaccination program.

Five hundred appointment confirmation coupons were given to those who showed up in order to avoid gatherings. Almost all of the coupons quickly found buyers.

Marc Cadot received his coupon which assures him of a specific appointment on Thursday to receive his AstraZeneca vaccine.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jérémie Bergeron

On Wednesday, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé announced that more than 700,000 doses of this vaccine are available and sent to the four corners of the province.

According to the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (cISSIntegrated health and social services center) of the Outaouais, the region received more than 9,000 doses of this vaccine.

As a precaution, this vaccine is only offered to people aged 55 to 79. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (CCNINational Advisory Committee on Immunization) recommends that people under 55 years of age be stopped inoculating AstraZeneca vaccine for safety reasons.

Despite the fact that this vaccine is safe, some people are reluctant to receive it, said Minister Dubé at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Christian Dubé addresses journalists.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé assures us that despite certain problems, including thousands of still unused appointments, the vaccination campaign is going well in Quebec.

Photo : Ivanoh Demers

You have the choice of getting vaccinated in early April or perhaps in June. Personally, I think that with the pandemic we are experiencing and the situation we have experienced in Quebec City, Outaouais and Chaudière-Appalaches in recent weeks, I would not take a chance.

A quote from:Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services of Quebec

Let us reiterate that Quebec has always attached great importance to the safety of vaccines and the health of the population who receive them., writes the Ministry of Health of Quebec by way of press release.

Quebec has a very efficient vaccine safety surveillance system and excellent expertise in this area. Although the administration of AstraZeneca vaccine to people under the age of 55 is temporarily suspended until expert evaluations are completed, the benefits of the vaccine are still considered to be much greater than the risks., is it written.

Enough doses for everyone?

Before the start of vaccination at the Palais des congrès on Thursday, several dozen people were already there, forming a long line in the parking lot.

I arrived here around 6:45 am We want to protect ourselves, the virus is deadly. Bad press doesn’t irritate me, I trust, says Anne Chartier. Die from this or die from something else, at least I’ll be a little more protected.

A long queue in a parking lot on a spring morning.

Dozens of people line up before the opening of the vaccination center at the Palais de congrès de Gatineau.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Patrick Louiseize

I am very happy, I think I will have the chance to be vaccinated, I am very happy, maintains Josée Bourdage while it was difficult to say if all the residents present will be able to receive a vaccine on Thursday.

I can’t wait to see how it will go, we are due, argues Jean Béliveau. I’m not worried about the vaccine, there are a lot of people here and things are going well in other places in the world too [avec le vaccin d’AstraZeneca]. It’s very contagious, I want to continue my career in dentistry and well-being.

I come to protect myself. I think this is the solution to stop the pandemic, if everyone gives their own, it may be quite magical sooner or later, believes Julie Charette.

It’s boring that we have darker days, but we have to encourage ourselves and say that we have to contribute to try to get out of it. This is not a very positive situation for anyone, so we can help each other.

Surprised by the interest of the population

In the morning of Thursday, cISSIntegrated health and social services center de l’Outaouais managed to disperse the crowd at the Palais de congrès.

During routine immunization operations, public health authorities have developed systems to avoid long queues and prevent clustering.

The teams were able to issue appointment confirmation coupons to all those who showed up before the opening of the vaccination site. The coupon ensures a precise vaccination range and the holder is asked to arrive only five minutes before their appointment.

According to our information, 500 coupons will be available again on Friday morning.

A woman hands a piece of paper to a celebrating resident in a row.

An employee of the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) hands out appointment confirmation coupons to residents who queue up.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jérémie Bergeron

It was a craze that was hard to predict on our side. People showed up very, very early this morning, supports Marie-Pier Després, spokesperson for cISSIntegrated health and social services center de l’Outaouais on Radio-Canada.

The cISSIntegrated health and social services center assures that the situation will be rectified for the next days of vaccination and asks residents to be patient.

For the next few days, we ask people to show up at 7 a.m. and not before. There will be the system by car, we stay in our vehicle to be able to receive the coupon.

A quote from:Marie-Pier Després, spokesperson for cISSIntegrated health and social services center from the Outaouais

AstraZeneca vaccine will be sent to other vaccination sites over the next few days. The cISS cISS also specifies that making an appointment to receive this vaccine should be possible at the beginning of next week on Clic-Santé.

With information from Jérémie Bergeron

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