Multinational tax rates – The tax impunity of digital giants is counted

According to the Financial Times, the Biden administration is open to the idea that the world’s largest companies pay taxes where they make their profits.
Olivier Wurlod

Posted today at 9:03 p.m.

Joe Biden seems ready to take a step in the direction of its main Western partners, including France, which has been demanding for years to be able to put an end to the tax impunity of the digital giants.

The recent comments held by Joe Biden against the tax practices of GAFA leftyent hear a change in mentality beyondAAtlantic. LAmerican president indeed estimated regrettable that “the largest companies in the world use various legal tricks so as not to pay a single penny in federal income tax ”.

After draggings pieds during the four years of «trumpisme», America seems ready to seriously discuss an nnew tax approach for digital giants. Obtained by the «Financial Times» Wednesday, a document sent to 135 countries in exposes thes clauses.

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