Apple reportedly bought large battery packs from Tesla for its solar farms

We thought the relationship between Apple and Tesla relatively dead, the two firms taking turns pricking engineers, CarPlay being absent subscribers in the cars of the brand and Elon Musk having recently revealed that Tim Cook had refused him a meeting outright, even if it was an acquisition lens.It is finally around climate and renewable energies that the two Californian firms could find commercial ground. As you recently read in our columns (here and there), Apple is investing heavily in photovoltaic sites, with a new project capable of storing 240 MWh and supplying 7,000 homes. The problem with solar energy is that you have to … store it.

According to TheVerge, Tim Cook would actually rely on Elon Musk’s gear and use Tesla’s 85 Megapacks. Knowing that the company charges approximately between $ 200 and $ 300 per pack, this would represent an invoice of 50 million for Apple!

Each Megapack comes pre-assembled and pre-tested in a Gigafactory box. It includes battery modules, two-way inverters, thermal management system, AC main breaker and controls. No assembly is required, just plug Megapack’s AC outlet into your site’s power grid.

It is fun to see that Apple has never mentioned this commercial partnership, however significant, our colleagues having found the information in official documents necessary before the implantation. The fact remains that in the storage market, Tesla’s offer is today among the most effective on the market, with turnkey systems, quick to set up and above all, very efficient in relation to the space occupied.


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