up to 2,000 “job cuts” in 2021, denounce unions

up to 2,000 “job cuts” in 2021, denounce unions
up to 2,000 “job cuts” in 2021, denounce unions

SFR’s strategic plan provides for up to 2,000 “job cuts“During 2021, the unions denounced Thursday, the management maintaining for its part the figure of”1,700 voluntary departures”In order to consolidate its position as the 2nd national telecom operator by 2025.

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To the 1,281 occupied positions deleted on a voluntary basis in the telecom pole of the French private telecommunications operator are added 287 vacant positions to be filled, which will also be eliminated (1,568 in total), told AFP the Unsa (first union) and CFDT (second). To this are added “404 positions abolished including 381 voluntary departures and 23 vacant posts abolished“In the shops of the telecom operator, nearly 2,000 positions deleted, they denounce.

1,700 management positions

Asked by AFP, the management maintains the figure of “400 employees impacted in distribution as well as 1,300 in other functions of the telecom division“, Or a total of 1,700”positions held»Deleted on a voluntary basis. “120 job creationAre also planned, she emphasizes. Company negotiations, the date of which has not yet been determined, should begin shortly.

Like Unsa, the CFDT denounces “cynical and opportunistic use“Of the health crisis by the management, accused of”pretend it affects their bottom line to implement this restructuring“. The central social and economic committee (CSE) also referred management to the Paris court for “lack of information on its strategic orientationsTo the expert firm he appointed. A hearing is set for April 8, said Unsa and the CFDT.

Other legal proceedings

Another legal procedure must follow at the joint initiative of the central CSE and the trade unions to “fraud in strategic directions and violation of previous agreements“Which ended on December 31, 2020 and provided for”staff retention, strong support and strict respect for volunteering“, According to the CFDT.

“Professional category”

«There is a big concern about the industrial project and for those who will not be volunteers“Abdelkader Choukrane (Unsa) told AFP, denouncing”the method used by management in this period of extreme anxiety». «The notion of professional category is a huge issue. When an entire service is cut, there is no volunteering, the ratio between eligible staff and departures must be large, which is not the case», Added Xavier Courtillat (CFDT).

SFR (Altice group), which has around 10,000 employees, increased its turnover by 2.4% to 10.6 billion euros last year. EBITDA was up 3% to 4.2 billion euros over the same period.

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