when the unions of Europe 1 challenge their boss

when the unions of Europe 1 challenge their boss
when the unions of Europe 1 challenge their boss

In a press release, the radio unions are mobilizing against the cutting up of the Lagardère group.

Radio silence ! In a scathing press release, the unions CFDT, SNJ, CGT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, FO of the Europe 1 station, accuse Arnaud Lagardère of maintaining a blur on the future of the group in general and their station in particular. They decided to speak out after the sudden ousting of Arnaud Nourry, boss of Hachette Livre, who had publicly protested against any dismemberment of the group.

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It must be said that Europe 1 is one of the challenges of the negotiations currently taking place between Arnaud Lagardère and his two major shareholders Vincent Bolloré and Bernard Arnault. So far, there is no white smoke. But rumors point to a sharing of the media part between Vincent Bolloré who would buy the Europe 1 station and Bernard Arnault who would buy the JDD and Paris Match.

Last February, the sale of Europe 1 to Vivendi was so advanced that Maxime Saada, the boss of Canal + even visited the premises. But since …. nothing has been done. It has now been a year since employees of media activities, those of publishing activities and those of distribution do not know what sauce they are going to be eaten.

Here is the content of the press release:

OHE! … ARNAUD LAGARDERE … where are you, what are you doing?


A deafening silence from the rue de Presbourg for several weeks and, suddenly, this Monday, March 29, a press release from the Lagardère group announcing “the amicable resignation” of the boss of the most important of its branches. Let’s not beat around the bush: Arnaud Nourry pays for his recent positions against the prospect of dismantling Hachette Livre, a company he had chaired for eighteen years. A perspective which, unfortunately, is taking shape: nothing now seems to oppose the shopping that Vincent Bolloré dreams of doing within Hachette to fill the basket of his subsidiary Editis. And beyond Hachette, his maneuvers to complete his puzzle in the media …

Hey! … Arnaud Lagardère, where are you? what are you doing ? Will the group you lead be sacrificed on the altar of restoring your personal financial situation? What pact are you making with the predators who have been making circles over our heads for over a year? Are you really attached to the businesses of your group when you say that you are studying all the financial offers? Do you consider that since everything has a price, everything is for sale?

These are the questions that we, employee representatives on the Lagardère Group Committee, are asking you. Your silence for a year gives us the impression of the end of the journey. Just like the stop of investments and the etiolation of management. The Covid epidemic has a good back: the outbreak of a virus – even if it is global – cannot justify the absence of a strategy. On the contrary: the more the earth trembles, the more daring, anticipation and force of conviction are imposed.

The long history of the Lagardère group is rich in those moments when, faced with strong upheavals, the teams were able to question themselves, create, innovate, develop and get ahead. In the Book: international expansion and the battle to gain respect for Amazon; in Retail: global presence; in the media: editorial strength and the multiplicity of media …

Beyond the diversity of their jobs, Lagardère employees are driven by the same values: freedom of expression, pluralism, respect for differences, independence, search for the truth, taste for a job well done, thirst for progress …

The companies that make up your group and the employees they bring together are not a game of bowling. Are you aware that these riches are in danger of disappearing in the brewing maelstrom? We, the employee representatives on the Group Committee, are convinced that there is still time to avoid it. We are mobilizing now to block a butchering going against the interests of the Group’s employees.

Hey! … Arnaud Lagardère, where are you? what are you doing ?

Employee representatives on the Lagardère Group Committee:


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