our comparison with the company offers from Bouygues, Orange and SFR

our comparison with the company offers from Bouygues, Orange and SFR
our comparison with the company offers from Bouygues, Orange and SFR

Last week, Free finally attacked the “Pro” market. To convince, the ISP played on its usual cards: features, integration, price. Even if this last point is less and less its primary advantage. What about Free Pro? To find out, we analyzed the competition and the small lines.

On Tuesday March 23, iliad presented its offer for companies in partnership with Jaguar Network, with a new dedicated box: the Freebox Pro. We will not come back here to its technical characteristics which we have already detailed. This is a clever mix between Delta and Pop Servers with 10GEPON, SFP +, 2.5 Gb / s LAN, NAS, tri-band Wi-Fi 5, sigfox network access, secondary 4G internet access ( or other, all in a rack format.

But during the conference, Xavier Niel went back to the pricing positioning of his offer:

« We looked at the panorama of what could exist and we have the feeling that an offer of this type would be significantly above a hundred euros. And so as usual in our tradition of dividing the prices by two we will set the price at 49.99 euros […] We must add what does not exist in this world: freedom. Our desire is to offer a non-binding offer ».

We know the tendency of men to make this kind of statement with a positive touch, sometimes forgetting a few details that make the difference in practice. We therefore sought to verify if the competitors were really twice as expensive or if it was a new sleight of hand on the part of the entrepreneur.

For this, as usual, we dived into Free’s standardized information sheets in order to fully understand the workings of the offer, to compare it with the professional subscriptions of the three other national ISPs, namely Bougyues Telecom, Orange and SFR. . With, as always, a few surprises.

Free Pro for VSEs / SMEs, Jarguar Network for tailor-made

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