Elon Musk wants to launch rockets from the Eiffel Tower

Elon Musk, brilliant visionary or mad scientist? If the latter ticks the boxes of both categories, it is clear that he is advancing science at breakneck speed, thanks in particular to Space X space company of which he is the founder. His last desire? Send a rocket from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Proof that the project is not just a simple idea thrown in the air, Elon Musk would have contacted the French authorities, but also the town hall of Paris to discuss the subject. The reason ? According to Space X engineers, the symbolic building of France would be the ideal size to secure the mega-rocket.

Elon Musk wants to launch a rocket from the Eiffel Tower

A rocket designed to make the journey between our planet Earth and Mars. In fact, it will have to be ” spacious Since the trip is expected to last several months. According to initial information, the duration will measure 295 meters, while the Eiffel Tower is about 320 meters. In addition, the place necessarily lends itself to this kind of event.

A partnership, currently envisaged

For this trip to the red planet, 10 astronauts could be sent to the site. The duration of the trip is estimated at three years in total, between the date of arrival, the time there and the time of the return trip. A partnership between Space X, NASA and the French Ministry of Defense would even be considered. A project thatElon Musk wish to pay in bitcoin.


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