what to do around Nancy this Easter weekend?

From Monday, travel will be limited in Meurthe-et-Moselle, as everywhere in France, 10 km around your home to walk during the day. But this Easter weekend, a tolerance will be applied. Almost everything is allowed thanks to the app “Balades 54”.

From April 6, 2021, next Monday, travel restriction measures will be extended to the entire territory including Meurthe-et-Moselle. During the day, they will be prohibited beyond ten kilometers from the home outside of compelling reasons. Let’s take the opportunity this weekend to escape further and why not with the application “Walks 54”.

Since last summer, little known to the public because of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Departmental Council of Meurthe-et_Moselle has developed this collaborative application, which offers seventy-eight circuits to all lovers of walking, of the bicycle and the horse.

Primarily intended for a family audience, each course contains a description, indicating the length, the difficulty and its duration. Thirty-one themed circuits to discover the history and the heritage, the landscapes, the fauna and the flora are presented there. These circuits concern both urban and rural areas.

“This application has a contributory vocation”, explains Roselyne Pierrel of the Soft Circulation Service at the Department. “The associative partners of each place, those who maintain the courses, will be able to feed it.”

“Our objective is to make the departmental heritage known, but also to get young people moving” adds his collaborator, Didier Hallant. “Cradled by digital culture since their earliest childhood, college students will contribute and share the application with their friends.”

Five ideas for this weekend

In collaboration with the Soft Circulation Service of the Departmental Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle, we have selected five circuits in the 54.

  1. The cycle route “La Voie Bleue” from Nancy station to Pont-à-Mousson station.
  2. A family bike ride, the Hussigny-Godbrange greenway runs along the Franco-Luxembourg border and the Ru de la Côte Rouge (stream) to then plunge towards Longwy.
  3. Departing from Nancy, the loop of the Moselle Nancy-Toul ends at the foot of the ramparts of the former episcopal principality of the Holy Roman Empire.
  4. The Roches pedestrian circuit allows you to admire the impressive views of the valley of the Plain.
  5. The Venchères circuit bears witness to the terrible battles of the First World War which took place there.

The user of Balades 54 can download around seventy circuits, spread over the six territories of Meurthe-et-Moselle: Longwy, Briey, Val de Lorraine (Nomeny, Pont-à-Mousson, Thiaucourt), Grand Nancy, Terres de Lorraine (Neuves-Maisons, Saintois and Toul) and Lunévillois.


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