Iliad announces the finalization of the extension of its industrial partnership with Cellnex

The investment capacities of Play, Iliad’s latest acquisition, will be strengthened. Ideal for the deployment of 5G and the launch of the Freebox.

On the sidelines of the takeover of the mobile operator Play in Poland, Iliad wasted no time in October 2020 with the announcement of the extension of its partnership with the main operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure in Europe, Cellnex. Objective, finance all the new challenges of Play and build 5,000 new mobile sites.

This agreement, in the amount of 804 million euros before taxes to be received by Iliad, provides in particular for the sale of 60% of the company managing the operator’s passive infrastructures in Poland, ie nearly 7,000 mobile sites. And as expected, this Partnership extension has just been finalized, Free’s parent company announced this morning.

Thanks to this operation, “Play strengthens its investment capacities allowing it to enter a new development cycle with the deployment and acquisition of 5G frequencies, the densification of its mobile network to support the growth of uses and finally the willingness to enter the fixed market with the Freebox.

Iliad / Free sold part of its pylons in France and Italy to Cellnex

As a reminder, in May 2019, Cellnex acquired 70% of Iliad TowerCo in France, i.e. 5,700 sites, and 100% of the mobile telecommunications infrastructure management company in Italy, or 2,200 sites. The objective of this industrial partnership is to accelerate the deployment of 4G and 5G networks by increasing Iliad’s investment capacities.

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