Night work ban confirmed for Qoqa website –

The QoQa online sales site cannot continue to employ staff overnight and on Sundays. The Federal Supreme Court rejected his appeal against the refusal notified in 2019 by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

The Federal Court confirmed on Wednesday the information published by QoQa on its site. The operative part of the judgment has been sent to the parties but the arguments have not yet been published, the press service said.

In May 2019, QoQa Service SA, in Bussigny (VD), asked SECO to confirm that it was not subject to the ban on night and Sunday work. Otherwise, the company, which puts online products at discounted prices for a period of 24 hours every day, asked for an authorization to be issued.

End of sales at midnight

SECO refused this request in September 2019. It considered that monitoring the publication of offers at night or on Sunday was not essential for QoQa to function. It was enough for the company to put its sales online during the day and outside of Sundays for the interventions at night or during the weekend to decrease considerably. In the end, working at night or on weekends was the consequence of a commercial choice of QoQa.

On its site, QoQa explains that, following the decision of the Federal Court, its sales will start at 22:00 and no longer at 00:00. This new device, which comes into force on Thursday, will allow staff to stop work at 11 p.m. For the weekends, QoQa will collaborate with freelancers.



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