What time of the crisis are we?

What time of the crisis are we?
What time of the crisis are we?

Welcome to our podcast “Minute Papillon!” “, With our Thursday meeting” La Bulle “, which talks about us, about oneself, about what is going well, and sometimes not so well. After a year of health, social and economic crisis linked to Covid-19, and while a new confinement has started, what time of the crisis is it today?

At the time of amazement, as at the start of confinement, in March 2020? In a time of uncertainty, reinforced by the disintegration of social ties and pessimistic projections? At the time of hope, nourished by the progressive vaccination of populations?

Time of crisis, time of hope?

Psychologists and psychotherapists Ariane Calvo and Isabelle Benassouli have published The short guide to psychological survival in times of health crisis (First Editions, 2.99 euros) to set the record straight. And find our way in the tempo of the crisis in which we are moving individually and collectively.

In this episode, Isabelle Benassouli and Ariane Calvo first speak about this psychological state, after a year of crisis. Social crisis, crisis of links, how to renew or recreate lost or weakened links? When will the time for recovery come from this crisis which has crushed and sometimes mourned many families? What lessons for the future? The answers of Isabelle Benassouli and Ariane Calvo can be listened to in the audio player above.

All episodes from the original “Minute Papillon!” Podcast Can be found free of charge on all online listening platforms and on our site.


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