suffering from Covid, his condition is considered “serious”

Posted on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 2:07 p.m.

By Arnaud Dujardin

The world of Louviérois football crosses its fingers for Giovanni Fois … At 58 years old, this true icon of the Louvier club is infected with Covid 19, like seven other members of his family. Found unconscious at home, he was hospitalized in a condition deemed serious: “He was impatient to be able to hug his newly born granddaughter …”

It is impossible to talk about Louviérois football without mentioning Giovanni Fois. How to say, man is part of the furniture. Since his childhood he has devoted his whole life to his favorite club, L’Union du Center d’Haine-St-Pierre, and even beyond after the merger to become the Louvière Center where he also remained a delegate, and well Moreover.

Wednesday morning, Sylvie his wife, found him unconscious in his bed. Once there, the emergency services intubated him directly because Giova was in severe respiratory failure. His lungs are already 75% affected. They are eight in the family to have contracted Covid-19, including his wife, his daughter Lindsey and their stepson Ludovic.

► “His condition is stable, but he is still unconscious,” Ludovic explained to us at the end of the morning: he testified.

► Piero, his childhood friend, explains: “He told me the day before that he was impatient to be able to hug his newly born granddaughter and whom he never saw until present only in video ”.


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