In war as in war: for Belgium now, it is “vaccination and injections first”

The Belgian authorities have come to grips with this double obsession in their sights: to prevent the vaccination chain from breaking down at all costs and to guarantee maximum safety.

Ddecide quickly. Not to deny the risks, not to avoid doubts – they are there, it is fatal now, and stick to the skin of the AstraZeneca -, but to prevent them from settling and taking precedence over the action .

And so Wednesday around 6 p.m., the Belgian authorities made a living, surgically, with this double obsession in their sights: to avoid at all costs that the vaccination chain, already so fragile and so slow, breaks and guarantee a maximum of security. Too bad for the AstraZeneca – in any case we hardly have any – too bad for the (possible) common European decision. In war as in war? Now is not the time to look in the mirror, but to be efficient (and sure).


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