New Walloon Covid allowance for self-employed persons and SMEs: here are the amounts and conditions

The Walloon government announces new Covid compensation for:

– the sectors targeted by an extension of their closure (leisure, sports, recreational, cultural activities, etc.),

– sectors that are completely closed (contact jobs),

– sectors affected by a “partial closure” (shops accessible by appointment only).

This new indemnity is in addition to the extension of the indemnities previously decided.


Closed sectors that have not reopened
(Leisure, sport, recreational, cultural activities …)

4,000 to 12,000 €

No employees: 4000
1 to 4 employees: 6,500
5 to 9 employees: 9,500
More than 10 employees: 12,000

Sectors closed after being reopened + Shops by appointment

3,250 to 9,750 €

No employees: 3250
1 to 4 employees: 5500
5 to 9 employees: 7,500
More than 10 employees: 9,750


Following NACE codes:

45 Trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles: codes 45.113,45.193 to 194,45.206, 45.320, 45.402;
47 Non-essential businesses with the exception of NACE-BEL codes 47.111 to 47.115, 47.20, 47.300, 47.511, 47.513, 47.521 to 47.526, 47.529, 47.610; 47.620, 47.730 to 47.760, 47.781, 47.784, 47.810, 47.910;
59.140 Motion picture projection
82.300 Organization of trade fairs and congresses
85.510 Teaching of sports and leisure activities
85.520 Cultural education
90.021 Promotion and organization of live shows
90.041 Management of theaters, concerts and the like
90.042 Management of cultural centers and multifunctional rooms with a cultural vocation
91030 Management of historic sites and monuments and similar tourist attractions
91.041 Management of botanical and zoological gardens
92,000 Organization of games of chance and gambling
93.110 Management of sports facilities
93.121 Activities of football clubs
93.122 Tennis club activities
93.123 Activities of clubs of other ball sports
93.124 Activities of cycling clubs
93.125 Activities of combat sports clubs
93.126 Activities of nautical sports clubs
93.127 Activities of equestrian clubs
93.128 Activities of athletics clubs
93.129 Activities of clubs of other sports
93.130 Activities of physical culture centers
93.199 Other sporting activities nec
93.211 Fairground activities
93.212 Activities of amusement parks and theme parks
93.291 Operation of billiard and snooker halls
93.292 Operation of recreational areas
93.299 Other recreational and leisure activities nec
96.021 Hairdressing
96.022 Beauty treatments
96.040 Personal maintenance
96.092 Tattoo and body piercing services

Compensation intended for B2B is made more flexible (wave 12)

Certain sectors (such as brewers, etc.) have been heard since the compensation intended for B2B will be made more flexible by allowing the self-employed and businesses affected by the mechanism to claim their loss of turnover quarter by quarter.

The decision of the Walloon Government of March 11 in fact proposed to reserve the granting of compensation to a company showing a loss of turnover of at least 50% over the last three quarters of 2020 compared to the same quarters of the year. year 2019.

However, it turns out that, following the consultation of several sectors largely impacted by the measures related to covid-19, in particular related to the HORECA, a certain number of companies were able to benefit from the effect of the relaxation of the measures in the 3th quarter 2020, thus reducing the number of eligible companies in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2020 taken on a consolidated basis.

In order to allow the device to fully achieve its objective, it is proposed to deconsolidate, and therefore split, the 2020 quarters eligible for the allowance and make the first quarter 2021 eligible.

A minimum amount is set at 3,000 EUR for the company which presents a loss of turnover of 50% to 75%, the amount is increased to 3,750 EUR for the company which presents a loss of turnover greater than 75%.


Loss of turnover between 50 and 75%

No employees: 5,000
1 to 9 employees: 10,000
10 to 49 employees: 20,000
More than 50 employees: 40,000

Loss of turnover> 75%

No employees: 6250
1 to 4 employees: 12,500
5 to 9 employees: 25,000
More than 10 employees: 50,000

LCompanies that cannot demonstrate a loss of turnover for the quarter in question because they were created between 1is January 2019 and December 31, 2020, receive a lump sum of € 3,000 per full quarter of exercise of their activity from 1is avril 2020.

The allowance for specific sectors is increased (wave 13)

Finally, following the decisions of CODECO of March 24, the Government of Wallonia decided to strengthen the system in favor of specific sectors.

The Government has in fact decided to award compensation of 30% of turnover for the quarter in question, provided that it has lost 50% of its turnover. The ceilings linked to the amounts per FTE have also been raised as follows:

Starters: companies that were created between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, receive a lump sum of € 4,500.

Loss of turnover between 50 and 75%

No employees: 7,500
1 to 9 employees: 15,000
10 to 49 employees: 30,000
More than 50 employees: 60,000

Loss of turnover> 75%

No employee: 9375
1 to 4 employees: 18,750
5 to 9 employees: 37,500
More than 10 employees: 75,000

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