the Lighthouse doubles its capacity, vaccination changes gear in the Territoire de Belfort

the Lighthouse doubles its capacity, vaccination changes gear in the Territoire de Belfort
the Lighthouse doubles its capacity, vaccination changes gear in the Territoire de Belfort
22,000 inhabitants of the Territoire de Belfort received a first dose of a vaccine against Covid-19, against 8,600 for the double injection. In a few weeks, the mark of 35,000 people vaccinated should be reached. The prefecture is indeed counting on a clear acceleration of the vaccination campaign. Between early April and mid-May, 13,000 additional Terrifortians will receive their first dose.

A rise in power made possible by a marked increase in deliveries of the Pfizer vaccine. 2,000 slots are already open on the Doctolib reservation platform. This gear change will be particularly visible in the largest of the three centers, at the Phare gymnasium in Belfort. From Monday, a second vaccination line will open there, making it possible to vaccinate 240 people per day, against 120 currently.

“We can even open a third line, a fourth …”

“We make ourselves available as soon as there are enough vaccines”, explains Damien Meslot. The City of Belfort provides all the logistics for the center (tables, chairs, fridges, temperature probes, etc.). “There is a huge mobilization of doctors and nurses, as well as City staff. If deliveries increase, we can even open a third line, a fourth line… The Lighthouse is great! The objective is to be able to satisfy all the people who wish to be vaccinated, ”repeats the mayor.

Regarding mobile vaccination, after Bourogne and Vézelois this week, the Department’s teams will set up in the Andelnans exhibition center on April 12 and 13, at the Beaucourt gymnasium on April 14 and 15, and at the town hall of Vescemont on April 12 and 13. April 16. But these will only be second injections (700 in total), so no appointment slot is available for next week.

Mistrust is mounting everywhere in France concerning the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Territoire de Belfort is no exception. Photo ER / Alexandre MARCHI

No ramp-up in the city
For vaccination in the city, that’s another story. Currently, 200 injections are performed each day by doctors or pharmacists in the Territoire de Belfort. “On our side, there is no increase in power”, regrets Frédérique Nassoy-Stehlin, president of the Order of doctors of the department. The controversies surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine have also made the timing uncertain. “We have very little visibility on deliveries,” confirms the doctor. Especially since some appointments are starting to be canceled. “Mistrust is slowly rising despite the opinion issued by the European Medicines Agency”.


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