Jean-Luc Reichmann and the Covid-19: “in turmoil”, his lungs monitored

Sunday April 4, 2021, Jean-Luc Reichmann revealed that he was affected by Covid-19, without going into the subject in depth. While TF1 broadcasts the series on Thursday, April 8 Léo Mattéï, the host gave news about his state of health.

For twelve days I was completely flat“, he reveals to 20 Minutes. If we would have thought it was during a shoot (12 midday shots or Léo Mattéï) that the TF1 star fell ill, in fact, it was one of his children who infected him! “It is true that it certainly came from children but here it is“, he had revealed on the radio. This time, the happy father of six children, aged 9 to 29, says more:”For over a year, we have really taken every precaution on the shoots of Léo Mattéï and 12 midday shots. We have been exemplary from A to Z. And one Friday, the school calls you to say: ‘closing classes’. I want to say that it is good that we closed the schools, because I think that the problem arose from there. Three days later, I was in it, I had all the shoots canceled.

Fans of 12 midday shots already have to fear the shortage of episodes of the famous game but don’t worry, there are still quite a few episodes in the box. Phew!

Jean-Luc Reichmann then spoke in more detail about his fight against the coronavirus: “When you enter the tunnel, you don’t know how you are going to get out.“A fight which is not over, however, as he revealed:”I gave myself a little while. I’ve been in turmoil for a good dozen days, I do the exams gradually, the blood tests, the scans of the lungs to find out what the consequences are. I think that the protocol must be followed scrupulously, and I believe that it is urgent for people who have not yet been vaccinated – I am not in the age group – that everyone be. I do not wish anyone what I have been through.

We wish him a quick recovery !


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