Covid: pounded by opposition, Jean Castex specifies the restrictions

A speech of about thirty minutes in a more than electric atmosphere. It is under the gibes and in the hubbub, sometimes supported by the applause of the majority, that Jean Castex, defended and detailed this Thursday, in the Assembly, the restrictions announced by Emmanuel Macron. A statement followed by a debate and a non-binding vote, as after the announcement of the second confinement. Most of the oppositions did not take part in the ballot, which collected 348 votes for and 9 against. “You are elected to vote, not to desert”, regretted Patrick Mignola, the boss of the Modem group.

The Prime Minister defended the strategy pursued by the government for a year, recalling the “ strong measures “- closure of many activities since October, curfew since December – already in force, and the will of” act neither too early nor too late ». Face « to bites Of the health crisis and variants, he stressed the need to amplify them further.

Jean Castex, who recalled that the restrictive measures now extended throughout the metropolitan territory from Sunday and until May 3 (with a tolerance for the Easter weekend), promised an increase in controls. And, also, the prohibition of the consumption of alcohol on the public highway and the possibility of seeing closed by prefectural decree certain places – “quays, places” – favorable to gatherings.

Teleworking, emergency assistance

He also insisted on the rule of “ 4 days a week minimum “Teleworking” for all public and private jobs ”. The Prime Minister also specified that, as for the first confinement, a reception of the children of “Priority staff” – caregivers, law enforcement – will be organized from next week in schools and nurseries. For low-income families, who will be particularly penalized by the closure of schools and canteens, new emergency aid must be specified in the coming days.

Regarding students in higher education, Jean Castex indicated that “The competitions planned for the next four weeks will be maintained and their organizational conditions adapted to the situation “. It is up to the schools, therefore, to organize themselves and ultimately decide. As to “ exams which cannot be done remotely, they will be postponed as much as possible to the month of May “, he added.

VIDEO. Schools closed for 3 weeks, restrictions extended

Competitions and exams

If Jean Castex of course welcomed the hope of vaccination, he did not advance on reopening dates, or cultural places or terraces from mid-May like Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. The head of government, who is working with the sectors concerned on these reopenings, promised that the reopening strategy will be presented “ When the time comes “, In Parliament and that they will intervene” when sanitary conditions are met “. Finally, he announced that he would consult the political forces and associations of elected officials on the holding of regional and departmental elections, after having transmitted the government’s report to Parliament on Thursday, based on the opinion of the Scientific Council on the subject .

Maintaining the regions: “basic government assumption”

The latter, creaked Jean Castex, is “ particularly balanced “And” does not clearly and explicitly advocate a postponement of the elections “. The government wants “ ensure that the conditions for organizing and holding these elections “And their campaign can be” satisfied “To maintain these polls on June 13 and 20,” which constitutes the basic assumption for the government “. A new debate under article 50-1 of the Constitution will be organized in Parliament, a priori next week.

The day after the presidential address, the Prime Minister had no choice but to play his role as a shield as best he could, in an Assembly that looked like a Pressure Cooker. All morning long, Jean Castex has suffered the repeated blows of oppositions, furious that the Assembly is reduced to being the “Chamber for recording decisions taken elsewhere” – according to the socialist Valérie Rabault – without the responsibility of the government being engaged. Furious, too, of the“Guilty stubbornness” of “Monarch”, according to the Communist André Chassaigne.

“Snail strategy”

“To crown it all, the president dares to tell us that his decisions and his failures are the result of a collective choice”, he said, judging that the battle against the Covid is “At the same point as last year on the same date”: “The act of faith of the Sun King was not enough to break the contaminations curve”. “You are asking us to vote only to amnesty your faults! “, lambasted Jean-Luc Mélenchon, mocking “A bad april fools”. The rebellious leader did not have words harsh enough to pound a president “Best enemy of modesty” and who, for a year, has “Spent his time deceiving the French”.

Damien Abad, the president of the LR group, was not kinder to an executive accused of having “Always a time, a vision and a late decision”. While being “Locked in the snail strategy”, in “Missing the vaccination” the French, “You confine us spring, autumn and winter”, he regretted, mocking the“Supreme epidemiologist” of the Elysee. “Where have the promised beds gone?” “, he asked. A “Sanitary Canossa”, added Marine Le Pen.

The problem, for Emmanuel Macron and his government, is that the criticisms – reduced to mere “Tribune effects” by walker Christophe Castaner – don’t stop there. They also emanate from political groups closer to the majority. The UDI Pascal Brindeau also mocked a Prime Minister whose ” the only role is to do after-sales service “By Emmanuel Macron, and the« hubris » of a head of state in “Disconnection” with “what our fellow citizens are going through”. After ” this third confinement which is not one but is all the same somewhere “, The president of the Agir group, Olivier Becht, for his part warned that he is “Not sure that the deputies vote the next health emergency laws”.

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