Covid: ventilated centers authorized to welcome children during spring break

                By Cécile D. Posted on April 1, 2021 at 12:09 p.m. Updated April 1, 2021 at 12:09 p.m.                     Jean-Michel Blanquer indicated this Thursday, April 1 that the air centers have the authorization to open and welcome children during these confined April holidays, for outdoor activities.  The organization for the reception of children is left to the charge of the local communities.             

Two weeks of vacation , closed schools throughout the month of April 2021, and children who are difficult to care for, when you have to continue working yourself. The new measures announced by Emmanuel Macron embarrass many parents. New school calendar forces parents to reorganize quickly, and under difficult constraints.

To meet with the children at home for a long time, it is not obvious. Fortunately, there is a solution to allow little ones to let off steam and have fun with kids their age.

Jean-Michel Blanquer was the guest of RTL this Thursday, April 1 in the morning. The Minister of National Education indicated that day camps could accommodate children during spring break, provided they provide outdoor activities.

In response to a question asked by an auditor, director of an outdoor center in the North, the minister revealed that “ during the holidays, we will make sure to keep the air centers open, with outdoor activities. We will also prepare learning holidays, like last year. So, yes, we aim to keep it open with the cooperation of local communities. »

Thus, according to the new school calendar, all children, regardless of their academy, are on vacation from April 12 to 26 2021. However, they will be able to find friends of their own age in the day center of their municipality after a week ofDistance Learning and isolation. A news which should relieve not only the parents, but also the pediatricians, who warned the government a few days earlier of the harmful effects of closing schools on children.

If schools are closing, it is also because they are a place where the virus circulates a lot. To reassure the staff of the day and after-school centers, Jean-Michel Blanquer assured that they could be vaccinated at the same time as the educational staff.



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