News 12:30 p.m. – Coronavirus: what trips will be allowed this weekend?

The whole country is now subject to traffic restrictions beyond a perimeter of 10 kilometers with a tolerance for the Easter weekend. Concretely, what are we allowed to do this weekend?

In the evening possible to travel anywhere in France. Travel between regions is exceptionally authorized even for residents of the 19 departments subject to enhanced measures. It is a reinforced tolerance to allow those who want to change their place of residence for the weeks to come to do so. After that, it will no longer be possible to move. For now, we do not know if there will be checks until Tuesday or if those who take the opportunity to go for the weekend could be sanctioned.

Jean Castex said this morning that then we could go to the babysitters. It will indeed possible to drop off your children anywhere in France and pick them up several times if necessary. This applies to parents, grandparents or relatives. This had already been the case since the new restrictions were implemented in March, but schools were not closed. What remains to be specified are the supporting documents that may be required. The fear of the authorities is that some will use this exemption to go on vacation with their children.

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Epidemics: Emmanuel Macron announced new health rules in France. The peak of contamination could be reached within seven to ten days according to Olivier Véran.

Coronavirus : Jean Castex came to defend this new confinement, a word he did not utter in front of the National Assembly this morning. After Emmanuel Macron’s speech he declared that “the third wave is here”. These new measures are necessary to take a step forward.

Educational institutions : This time the executive resolves to close nurseries and schools for three weeks and middle and high schools for four weeks. Students will take distance education next week before a two-week vacation starting April 12 for all zones. The start of the school year is set for all on April 26 in physics for schools and in distance for middle and high schools.

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