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1.5 million households in group 2 will charge from this Friday Peru News

The Minister of Development and Inclusion, Silvana Vargas, reported that from next Friday, February 26, the beneficiaries of the Bono 600 belonging to the second group who have a digital wallet, bank account or mobile banking will already be able to collect the subsidy.

At a press conference from the Government Palace, the head of the portfolio warned that between February 20 and 21 the Executive transferred an approximate amount of S / 946 million that will be distributed to the 1,570,000 favored households.

Minister Vargas also announced that the recipients of the payment of groups three (households in communities without financial entities) and four (households without a bank account) will be able to know on February 26 the modalities and form of payment, as well as the name of the person responsible for receiving the S / 600.

The Midis also realized that the Bono 600 has already been transferred to 466,000 households in the first group constituted by creditors of the Juntos, Pensión 65 and Contigo programs. This represents 12% of the total households benefited with economic aid. He also noted that 121,000 people have made the withdrawal through Banco de la Nación agencies.

Minister. Head of Midis, Silvana Vargas. Photo: broadcast

For the provinces

Since February 15, 32 provinces nationwide comply with the targeted quarantine for being of extreme risk. In this regard the Between noted that the schedule for these additional households should be approved at the next session of the Council of Ministers. The number that would be included in the registry would amount to almost 940,000 households, Vargas told La República.

Since the announcement of the delivery of a second subsidy, Vargas Winstanley reiterated to citizens not to go to the headquarters of the Banco de la Nación.

In dialogue with RTV Economía, Vargas explained that his office in conjunction with the Banco de la Nación and 17 private financial entities work with the aim of promoting financial inclusion processes and the use of digital channels, and thus avoid crowds.

In addition, he explained that the dates scheduled for payments are also part of this work mechanism to bring the different households closer to the bank.

« The intention is that these payment modalities are promoted to guarantee a timely and safe collection that allows citizens to approach the financial system with all that the exercise of citizenship implies, » Vargas told La República.

Financial inclusion

The website of the Bonus 600 has received a total of 69.5 million queries since February 15.

Claims are also channeled on this same platform.

It should be noted that between February 15 and 20, that system answered 746,000 calls through an operational voice system, said the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion.

Banco de la Nación, the bank where the deposit is also made, extended its hours from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. Saturdays.

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