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10 Things That Make No Sense About Civil War

After the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie seemed to point the MCU in a strange direction, fans were expecting a course correction, and quick. Luckily, this came just a year later with Captain America: Civil War. This movie was received better than Age of Ultron, and it cleaned up a lot of the little mistakes the previous movie made.

However, this does not mean that Civil War is a film without flaws. In fact, there are some things that just didn’t make sense in Captain America: Civil War. The movie does great leg work, but some details just can’t be overlooked.

10 it wasn’t really a Captain America movie

Although the film is called Captain America: Civil War, and is supposed to be the third film in the « Captain America trilogy », the film quickly proves that this is not accurate. The Iron Man trilogy had three films dedicated to Iron Man, and the Thor trilogy did the same for Thor.

However, this latest movie in Cap’s trilogy is basically an Avengers movie. The film narratively follows Cap more closely than anyone else, but Tony is very close. It has a fair amount of screen time, and the movie is more about the Avengers split than anything else.

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9 Steve’s relationship with Sharon Carter was strange

In the past, Steve Rogers had a thing for Peggy Carter. When he woke up in the 21st century to find Peggy was still alive, of course he wanted to see her again. She had lived a lifetime without him, and he understood perfectly at the time. After she passed away, Steve had a hard time coping with her loss.

This entire narrative is undermined by the fact that Steve kisses Peggy’s niece, Sharon, later in the same movie in which Peggy dies. The two don’t have much chemistry at all, and the fact that Sharon’s aunt and Steve’s former love has just passed away makes things worse.

8 Tony Stark put a child in danger on purpose

When Tony Stark is gathering his team to fight Captain America, he wants to round out his team with some really powerful heroes. Iron Man’s team features War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther, and Spiderman. All of these characters, except the last one, were adults capable of making the dangerous decision to fight people like Captain America.

However, Spider-Man is just a boy. Tony Stark knows this and also recruits him into his team. It seems like an odd choice for someone who started all of this after feeling guilty that a child, Charlie Spencer, died as a result of Tony’s actions.

7 Hawkeye’s retirement ended abruptly

After Age of Ultron, the MCU had a responsibility to clean up some of the mess that movie caused. Civil War tried to do it in many ways, including the return of Hawkeye to the team. Age of Ultron saw Hawkeye with a sudden surprise family and several children. He chose to retire and live a normal life with this family that came up suddenly.

Civil War changed this and showed that Hawkeye was fed up with retirement and came back because he was bored. However, the whole reason he left was not to entertain himself, but to be a better father and husband. Clint should certainly have had a better reason to return to the world of superheroes than simple boredom.

6 Natasha’s inability to choose a side

When the Avengers team is split in half, it seems like a foregone conclusion for Natasha to side with Steve. Although she has known Tony for a little longer, she and Steve have become very close recently. Also, it seemed that Natasha would not want to be in debt to an organization like Avenger.

However, she chose Tony’s team despite all this, shocking viewers. Something that makes even less sense is the fact that he chose his team only to turn against him later. In the end, Nat ended up helping Steve and Bucky anyway.

5 Steve and Bucky weren’t a thing

Throughout the MCU, it becomes increasingly clear that Steve and Bucky are closer than anyone. They would do anything for each other, and have sacrificed for each other multiple times.

In the first two films of Cap’s trilogy, the two come close to and overcome a host of adversities, leading to the positions they find themselves in during Civil War. At that point, they become war criminals for each other and flee together. Despite this, they are not together, although this would almost certainly be if one of them were a woman.

4 No One Tackles The Thunderbolt Ross Story With The Abomination

One of the characters who wants to put more restrictions on the Avengers as a group is Thaddeus « Thunderbolt » Ross. He appears in Captain America: Civil War, but it is not his first appearance in the MCU. Thunderbolt was first introduced in The Incredible Hulk; however, this movie is widely ignored by the rest of the franchise.

Although Thunderbolt mentions the Hulk in passing, no one touches on the fact that he has a personal history with Bruce. What’s more, no one brings up the fact that Thunderbolt was involved in the Abomination attack, something these characters would no doubt remember.

3 Tony Stark doesn’t think things through

Tony Stark is an incredibly human figure, and that humanity is part of what defines him. You get carried away by your emotions, and this is not always a bad thing. In fact, it makes him more real and interesting than many of his MCU peers. However, this also means that you sometimes make impulsive choices or make decisions that don’t make a lot of sense.

In Civil War, Tony is more impulsive than ever, despite the fact that he has grown throughout the MCU to temper this trait. He does not do any analytical thinking, and reacts and attacks out of sheer emotion. Although it’s understandable to a degree, Tony gets off the rails and doesn’t think things through to a point that some might think he’s a bit off.

2 Ant-Man didn’t want to be arrested, so they arrested him

Right before Civil War in the MCU lineup came Ant-Man. In that film, Scott Lang had to be convinced to do something illegal, as he had previously committed a crime similar to Robin Hood that had landed him in jail. He even shows fear throughout his films of ending up in jail again.

Despite this, Ant-Man voluntarily joins Captain America’s team. This makes him a war criminal and a traitor, but he does it anyway. He values ​​his morale, but it seems that he values ​​his daughter above all else, and this decision is at odds with Scott’s previous choices in the MCU.

1 Bucky froze again of his own free will

After everything Bucky Barnes went through in the MCU prior to Civil War, it would make sense that he probably wanted to spend some time and space growing and healing on his own. However, Bucky chooses to hide in Wakanda, frozen and ecstatic until he can better heal from his brainwashing.

Although it’s a disinterested choice, it also doesn’t seem like something Steve or Bucky wanted after all the mess they’ve endured up to that point. If they were hiding in Wakanda anyway, it’s okay for Bucky to just take space in there without being in a cryogenic sleep the entire time.


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