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Another “exclusive” PlayStation game is on its way to PC, and it won’t stop there

PlayStation is on the way to lose another exclusive. After the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC during 2020, Sony will repeat the play and now it will be the turn of Days Gone. The Bend Studio game is coming to PCs this spring, and it won’t be the only one.

The above was confirmed by Jim Ryan himself in an interview with GQ. After months of drought in terms of company information, the head of PlayStation relaxed and released multiple announcements. One of them has to do with offer more exclusive PS4 games on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn it was just the beginning of the strategy. Although Sony was reluctant to release its titles on other platforms, the company now thinks differently. According to Ryan, there are multiple reasons why more games are coming to PC. From the outset, development studios work better than ever and increased the ease of offering games to those who do not own a console.

During the second half of the PS4 cycle, great games were created and now there is an opportunity to bring them to a wider audience. Jim Ryan makes a crucial point: the cost of making games increases with each cycle. The caliber of intellectual properties has improved, from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to develop.

The cost of making PlayStation exclusives has risen and needs to be offered to more consumers

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The fact of launching them on PC is not only about captivating more consumers, but also obtaining a financial benefit. The head of PlayStation mentioned that evaluated the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn in two modes. The first was in terms of the direct success of publishing it and the result is that people liked it and bought it.

The second was the reaction of the PlayStation community to this fact. According to Ryan. there was no massive adverse reaction so will continue to release more games on PC. This is curious, since a small group of users was noticed in social networks criticizing Sony for “betraying” them by launching an exclusive game on another platform. Some even considered suing the company alleging misleading advertising, but it was no more than a simple Reddit tantrum.

The truth is Days Gone will be the new bet Sony and will arrive during spring to PC. As it happened with Horizon Zero Dawn, may debut in Steam y la Epic Games Store, with the possibility of expanding to GOG and other stores in the future.

Another PlayStation game that will no longer be exclusive this year is MLB The Show 21. The baseball simulator will arrive on Xbox in the coming months, becoming the first game developed by an internal Sony studio to be published on Microsoft’s console.

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