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Atresmedia gives the green light to the adaptation of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Atresmedia and Fremantle Spain reach an agreement for the production of a new contest: ‘Celebrity Family Feud’. After the success of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’, both groups once again join forces to carry out the new entertainment bet of the chain, according to El Confi TV and FormulaTV has been able to confirm. Today, the premiere date and who will present the space is unknown.

‘Jersey Shore’ contestants on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

The version that will arrive in our country is the VIP version of ‘Family Feud’, premiered in 2008 by NBC and recovered in 2015 by ABC. The format will face two famous groups with something in common, that is, a group of comedians, the cast of the same series, or even the team of a program, facing each other. The mechanics of the contest try to test the groups so that guess the highest number of answers a group of 100 people have given to all kinds of questions. As in other formats of this nature, the award will go to a charity project.

The program has been adapted in a large number of countries and is being broadcast in 16. With its arrival at Atresmedia, joins the list of international competitions and talents of the communication group, among which are ‘Mask Singer: Guess who sings’, ‘La Voz’ or the next ‘I see how you sing’, as one of the great imported entertainment bets.

‘Family Feud’ had already arrived in Spain

Although ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ had never been performed in our country, the original version of the format does have a previous tour in Spain. In his case it was Spanish Television who acquired the rights in the 80s under the title of ‘Everything stays at home’, presented by Pedro Osinaga between 1986 and 1987. Despite its cancellation, public television returned to bet on the format on two more occasions: in 1994 with Joaquín Prat and entitled ‘How do you see it?’ and in 2001 as ‘Vaya peña’ with Carlos Lozano. Will ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ be the reason for Lozano’s return to head a program?


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